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Mehndi Henna Set (eBook & MP3 Audio)
  • Mehndi Henna Set (eBook & MP3 Audio)

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    Gorgeous Intricate Mehndi Tattoos, Create Your Own Individual Style, Stand Out From The Crowd and Learn Everything About Mehndi In No Time!

    The inclusion of Mehndi as part of Wedding culture has been quite prevalent for past few centuries and is gaining popularity in many other countries besides the native cultures. Mehndi, as a self-product, has been proved to be quite beneficial for the health prospects of people which have promoted its potential market's expansion all over the world.

    From the therapeutic to the motif standpoint, MEHNDI is, now being demanded more than any other Body Art techniques that are prevailing in the world right now.

    Body Art is all about the way one likes to perceive themselves, adorned in the versatility of contrasts and colors that merely enhances the worth and appeal of the body whilst placating the inner emotional desires of the soul.

    This eBook & MP3 Audio Set, "Mehndi (Henna) - Learn To Create Your Own Body Paint & Cultural Abstract of Today's Wedding" is an amalgam of all the relevant useful information that you have long been waiting for.

    Enriched with expert's suggestions and specialist's concerning notes, this eBook is a result of our efforts to compile all the authentic information for your guidance and satisfaction. We have organized our exertions in such a way that can easily make you a professional from a novice in hour's time by simply following our step-to-step procedures and comprehensive tutorials.

    Besides teaching you to make up your own tattoos and designs, we have also made your decision regarding acquiring other Body Art techniques even easier. The technological and scientific advancement in the society has led to a tremendous increase in the number of modification techniques that one could think about.

    Comprising of the overview and different cultural approaches regarding Body Art, our eBook contains a comprehensive study on the usefulness and utilization of the natural shrub, MEHNDI. The basic points with respect to this latest advancement include:

    * The general overview of the origin of MEHNDI.

    * Its specifications with respect to cultivation and production.

    * Useful details regarding the preparation of "MEHNDI PASTE" for drawing out of designs.

    * The preparatory techniques for the effective applicators of MEHNDI PASTE for intricateness.

    * The relationship and science of MEHNDI and skin.

    * The useful step-by-step procedure for creating MEHNDI tattoos.

    * The various cultural traditions and customs of MEHNDI across the seven seas and skies.

    * An easy-to-understand tutorial for effective MEHNDI application.

    * A general synopsis regarding the shrub of Henna or Mehndi.

    * The world-wide acknowledgement of Mehndi along with its cultural development throughout the centuries.

    * The positive health prospects allied to the regular and careful use of Mehndi.

    Many societies also exhibited reluctance to its possible use due to the popular myths that have created side-by-side all these years. But through series of experiments and discussions, the issued medical reports have proved that Mehndi is the only natural herb and a Body Art technique with possibly no side-effects if consumed in the pure form. Therefore, for your convenience and satisfaction these myths have been explicitly explained as to avoid all discrepancies in your thoughts and beliefs.

    An entire chapter on above highlights will give you the required expertise and confidence of decorating yourself with own hands and incredible ideas purely originating from your own creative mind!

    Likewise, a comprehensive study has been shaped out to deliver to you the main theme behind our powerful endorsement of MEHNDI (Henna) )as a possible technique of Body Art. The comparative study includes a deep insight in to the conception of tattoos and their popularity amongst different age groups across the globe. Basic inclusive pointers are depicted as follows:

    * The basic know-how of tattoos across the seven continents.

    * The general definition and reasons for tattoo creation and their perceptive ideas.

    * The history and the various types of tattoos acknowledged by the specialized Dermatologists.

    * A rather safe and healthy formation format of MEHNDI tattoos.

    * The specific advantages of having permanent tattoos.

    * The basic reasons for the preference of MEHNDI tattoos over the Permanent Piercings.

    * The possible determinants and guidance regarding the choices of tattoos for one's self.

    * Its possible evidences as a Heritage prevailing in the world.

    * The art traditions associated with the Mehndi's cultural Wedding usage.

    * Special Mehndi designs and patterns which are quite common amongst the Brides.

    * Possible reasons for its cultural popularity and common beliefs amongst the locals.

    * Religious teachings and traceable evidences and suggestions present in the History legends.

    All these features and detailed insights mingled with world-wide Expert's suggestions and concerning notes makes our eBook worthy of accommodating your shelves and a touch of your well-deserved attention.

    It would be an effective study that can leap your status from the beginner to being a professional in creating your own intricate designs of your Body paints and designs in absolutely no time!


    eBook Format: Adobe PDF; MP3 Audio

    Platform: Windows and Macintosh

    Download Format: Compressed .ZIP

    File Size: 25.7 MB

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