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Pencil Drawing: The Beginner's Guide (eBook & MP3 Audio)
  • Pencil Drawing: The Beginner's Guide (eBook & MP3 Audio)

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    This ebook gives you the basics of pencil drawing from the masters of the art. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Pencil Drawing.

  • Brief history of pencil drawing - Famous artists and their works.

  • Tips on choosing the right kind and quality of materials and tools.

  • Detailed basics of pencil drawing.

  • Perspectives in pencil drawing.

  • Finishing touches in pencil drawing.

  • Mixed media applications (How to be creative with color pencils).

  • Using pencils in oil painting.

  • Basic Drawing Shapes.

  • Basic Elements of Light, Shadows, and Shading.

  • Basic Elements of Shading.

  • Different Shading Techniques.

  • How to Add Tones and Values.

  • Finishing Touches.

  • Using Watercolor Pencils.

  • Tips on How to Draw Faster.

  • And more ...

    This ebook also contains tutorials and pictures which can further guide you to learn with the help of drawing.

    Includes both ebook & MP3 audio.


    eBook Format: Adobe PDF; MP3 Audio

    Platform: Windows and Macintosh

    Download Format: Compressed .ZIP

    File Size: 10.2 MB

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    Master Resell Rights: Yes!

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