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The Truth Behind Hypnosis
  • The Truth Behind Hypnosis

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    Using Hypnosis to Change Your Life

    Can Hypnosis Really Relieve Your Pain … Cure Your Addiction … Stop Your Disorder … Or Help You Overcome a Particularly Difficult Challenge In Your Life?

    Many people don’t
    believe in the power of hypnosis … but they

    Over time, hypnosis has
    been proven very effective in treating the symptoms
    associated with emotional, behavioral, habitual,
    social, and medical issues. Hypnosis has even been
    used in place of harmful prescription medication to
    treat a wide variety of ailments.

    The truth is hypnosis
    can help people deal with:

    • Labor and childbirth

    • Irritable Bowl Syndrome discomfort

    • Post-op surgery bleeding and pain

    • Dental treatment recovery

    • Migraine headaches

    • Chemotherapy nausea/vomiting

    • Weak immune systems

    • High blood pressure

    • Skin diseases

    • Asthma

    • Negative behaviors like eating
      disorders, smoking, drug use, bedwetting

    • Anxiety disorders, stress

    • Atopic and psoriasis dermatitis

    • And phobias

    Hypnosis is especially
    helpful if you are doing things that you do not want to
    do (your subconscious mind is ruling over your conscious
    mind) – examples would be smoking or having an eating
    disorder such as bulimia.

    Much more information
    about how hypnosis can help you improve your life is
    available in my new ebook, “The
    Truth Behind Hypnosis
    : Using
    Hypnosis to Change your Life
    .” Here is just some
    of what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook:

    • How
      hypnosis really works and how to determine if you
      are a good candidate for it – why waste your time
      and money when you can read this and know for sure
      whether hypnosis is right for you!

    • The
      history of hypnosis – did you know that in one
      form or another hypnosis has existed since the
      beginning of time … there is much more that is sure
      to surprise you here!

    • Common hypnosis myths dispelled – it’s time you
      learned the real truth about hypnosis and what it
      can and can’t do for you!

    • How
      to discover your subconscious mind and determine if
      it is blocking your attempts to change – I’ve
      even included five questions that will help you
      discover the real underlying cause of your problem
      whatever it might be!

    • The
      five states that need to be present before you can
      be hypnotized – and how to ensure that they are
      quickly and easily!

    • How
      to reprogram your subconscious mind – you’ll be
      amazed at how easy this is to do when you follow my
      simple instructions!

    • The
      science of hypnosis – there is more to hypnosis
      than just self-induced hypnotic tapes or the
      receiving of suggestions from a hypnotist … discover
      what it is here!

    • 6
      types of hypnotic induction – and how to
      determine which would be best for you!

    • 5
      characteristics of people who hypnosis works well
      for – and how to develop these same
      characteristics yourself in no time!

    • What to expect when you undergo hypnosis for the
      first time – including what it really feels like
      to be hypnotized!

    • How
      to find a good hypnotherapist – find out what you
      should really look for here!


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