Amy Carmichael

Energy Healer | Witch

I have been fortunate to study in India as well as I have a degree in Anthropology. You can expect a spontaneous session with me ; as no two persons are the same each session will also be authentic.

My Mantra: "Without Love and a Dream it will never come True." - Grateful Dead, Help On The Way, 1975

I like to say that I am the Original Witch of Vila Cova taken after a most favorite teacher of mine who is The Official Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot. My path has been beyond my wildest dreams. In the Hindu tradition it is said that there are at least 5 God Realized Ascended Masters on the earth at one time. I have worked around two and I've met three of the five. Becoming a Healer was not an accident although it felt accidental. As I have gone deeper on my own personal journey I have found that some internal gifts benefit others. I am a great balancer and seer. I can shed light on situations with a practical approach.

My Social Impact:

I am manifesting to be the change that I seek in the world through observation of nature and a pure foundation are my strong holds. I aim to lead by example to the best of my ability.

My Services:

A combination of pressure point and non-touch energy balancing using aroma therapy with 100% USDA Organic Essential Oils.

Drawing from Eastern traditions practical exercises to advance your practice.

Traditional tarot readings with an oracle exercise as appropriate.

Whatever your goal, we can put the situation in motion through ancient elemental wisdom, harming none.


"Amy gave me a wonderful, enjoyable intuitive reading! I felt the mysteries that were unraveling and Amy showed me how to connect all the dots to what the cards and the universe was showing me. It was fun and Amy is very personable and magical! I would recommend everyone to try an intuitive reading with Amy."
- Ashley M., California, Intuitive Tarot Reading

"I appreciated this reiki therapy. It was a very strong healing, all my body started to vibrate and for the time I felt my emotionsand physical pain disappear. I'm glad to have this kind of reiki."
- Celia C., California, Reiki Session

"I felt relaxed and energized at the same time."
-Audrey, Oregon, Distance Reiki Session

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