Cher Jolyne Lowery

Quantum Touch Practitioner | Womb Alchemist

Healing gets to fun and rewarding! In my sessions, expect to expect miracles. One of my gifts is being able to see others at their highest and gently guide them towards reclaiming their power, immaculate health, and soul gifts. (( which only they can do))

My Mantra: "I am the witness to my own Healing Power and the Unconditional Love of the Universe that is Always Supporting me."

I am a vaccinated healer!

Growing up as a highly psychic child that communicated with angels and was obsessed with crystals and anything mystical, my journey into my dharma has guided me back into deeper and deeper depths of that. Like most children, my gifts were forgotton for some time, and finally began to reopen around the age of 19. While I was pre- med at University of Central Florida, I began to vigorously study advanced yoga asana, which opened my body, mind and spirit in profound ways. In 2012 I moved from Florida to Los Angeles and became a certified healing practitioner. I began studying with various plant medicines and soon after, was invited to become a healing "guardian" alongside many talented healers and indigenous wisdom keepers where I spent years learning an honing my craft. In 2018, after years of being devoted to being on my own womb healing journey and exploring the art of deep tissue work and trauma release, I opened my own practice in my home that specialized in Quantum Touch Therapy, Pranic Healing and Womb Massage. I consider myself to be a "metaphysical midwife" holding space for others to release whatever is not serving them, and birth themselves into the highest and most desirable timeline connected to their purpose, what unique gifts they possess and how they will serve the whole.

My Social Impact:

I'm manifesting to be the change that I seek in the world by being forever a student devoted to serving others in stepping into their most joy filled and authentic expression.

My Services:

Quantum-Touch uses life-force energy to facilitate healing and release and conquer age old "wounds". In my quantum touch healing sessions, we begin with panic healing to clear the electromagnetic field. We then access the "pain points" in the body. Quantum-Touch allows us to focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and body awareness techniques. Using the Quantum-Touch modality, we create a high frequency of prana and "stream" this energy into places in the body that are holding onto pain.When we. place this field of high healing energy around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, the body can entrain to the higher frequency, thus amplifying the body's ability to heal itself.

The ancient and sacred tradition of womb massage nourishes the womb into vibrant health, clears away emotional debris, and creates pleasurable and rhythmic moon cycles. We start with prayer and assessing what energies need to be moved through the body, and go through several "rounds" of deep tissue massage. Every session with me is a lovingly guided container and a FULL PERMISSION SLIP to release whatever pent up emotion may be present. Every Womb Alchemy session also includes reiki and panic healing in intervals between the rounds of deep tissue release. Womb massage also breaks up scar tissue, purifies and detoxes the body, increases fertility, assist in healing painful fibroids/cyst/endometriosis, reduces womb pain, and decreases inflammation.


"I came to Jolyne with a deep sense of disconnection from my womb and my power. I was experiencing uneasiness and confusion around what I hold dearest in my life; my expression, my creations, and my relationships. I cannot express how impactful it was to be held in sacred support and nourishment by Jolyne, both in direct womb massage, and throughout, woman to woman. I felt so deeply seen, which allowed me to be comfortable enough to connect to myself, my body, and my spirit in ways that were fundamentally liberating to parts of myself that I had suppressed for a lifetime. After our session, my life expanded quite quickly; my business grew exponentially, I started to experience and ease and alignment with my purpose that had at that point yet to be my embodied experience. Months later, my relationship with my body and my womb is still deeply informed by the transformations Jolyne supported me through. If you are interested or feeling called towards womb work, I cannot recommend Jolyne enough. She is a true healer."

“My session with Cher Jolyne was absolutely life changing. It was a ceremony like nothing I’d ever experienced before, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot of stuff!

I came to her to find clarity on my next steps and branding for my soul mission business. What I thought would be a brand channeling session with energy work, turned into an initiation anchoring in the next level embodiment of my unique soul codes, dharma and devotion.

I was able to access my multidimensional self more clearly than ever before. I released and opened energetically. I feel more connected to spirit and have officially initiated myself into a deeper path of devotion, surrender and purpose.

I feel humbled and curious to see what unfolds from my being next.

Jolyne is a kind, loving and humble master who is truly here to support and empower other lightworkers in being their most powerful selves.

If you are a lightworker ready to embody your next level of service, clarity and power, Jolyne is the priestess to go to."
- Petra Hui, Relationship Alchemist

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