Cherryl Majoros

Certified spiritual Life Coach | Hypnotherapist | Expert Oracle andTarot Reader

“I believe Tarot and coaching our modalities and touchpoints to direct us to our best and Highest self and allow the answers to come in a creative way, sometimes through our subconscious or hidden self we might not have thought of consciously.”

My Mantra: I believe no one has the right to judge another's journey, after all, we haven't been in their head or walked in their shoes! People that matter don't judge, People that judge don't matter! Live in Love! Prayer and meditation as much as possible!

I am a vaccinated healer!

I generally ask the Angels and my Spirits to guide me in giving the best answers for the client's highest good to come through in a meaningful way. I believe Tarot and coaching our modalities and touchpoints to direct us to out best and highest self and allows the answers to come in a creative way, sometimes through our sub-conscious or hidden self we might not have thought of consciously. I believe we get answers that allow the client to expand or see things in a new and different light and it provides assuredness for their unique path

I want to assist you in making a beautiful transition to your full complete authentic self and empower you to achieve your goals and dream your ideal life into being! I will work with Tarot, oracle cards, coaching and hypnosis to help you gain clarity and live your most fulfilling life. I work with parents in understanding how addiction in the brain works so you achieve an understanding of how your child is thinking and know what is going on in your child's head.
I have always seemed to have the ability to help people feel better whether it’s about a situation, themselves or a relationship. I realized I wanted to help people in any way I could and Tarot has been my passion for over several decades. Then I became a certified life coach and married the two together! I really love it when a client becomes more at ease within themselves!

Well, I have a lot of years reading Tarot and I truly wish to help and empower my client to feel great about themselves and hand over the reins! I explore blocks the client may have, strengths they have and set a plan in motion with the client's cooperation to achieve their goals! I will also use hypnosis and counseling techniques if it helps the client as I am a certified addictions counselor and hypnotherapist. I will take a client back to where the issue first started.

My Services:

I will meet the client, ask what they are hoping to get from the session, ask what their goals are, talk about their strengths and challenges and ask them what they think it will take to achieve their goal. I ask permission to share with the client what I think will help them best achieve their desires. I will come up with a plan that the client and I work on together and then do an in-depth reading for them. Then the client and I will decide together how I can best help them be it through Tarot coaching and/or hypnosis, helping them heal through client empowerment and set up an action oriented time sensitive plan to help the client meet their needs.

Tarot Coaching:
I'll help the client achieve a goal through Tarot reading, with specialties in relationship healing, career, creativity, ancestral wounding, trauma, pet readings, life purpose. I also do hypnosis, education for parents on the addicted brain and teach clients how to read tarot.


"I just had a phone session with Cherryl and I always feel so much better after talking with her. It's like she has been sitting with me and watching my life!"
- Gabby, February 4, 2021

"I have gone to Cherryl for several years for readings. She is one of the best! She accurately told me when I would meet my boyfriend and she was right!"
- Joe M. Jan 16, 2021

"I met Cherryl years ago. She has been reading for me and has worked as my life coach for years! She told me I would be moving and told me I would have a new relationship when I would ask her if my ex would change and she said a better one was coming. She helped me deal with my anxieties. Absolutely all true!"
- James, December 17, 2020