Eric Barr

Shamanic Healing

"Because of the understanding of how issues are created and the type of medicine used, Shamanic Healing is a safe option for treating almost any known illness, and can be an attractive treatment for some clients due to its lack of side effects. The diversity and adaptability of this practice also makes it an excellent addition to other existing therapies or to check the blind spots in your self healing journey.
This practice allows us to work at deep physical, emotional, and mental levels of our clients while covering a large area of ground in a short amount of time. Shamanic Healing provides simple solutions to complex problems."

My Mantra: What else is possible?

This journey began during a conversation about quantum physics with a former high school teacher who then introduced me to professional shamanic training with Pete Bernard of The 8th Fire.
I walked into Pete’s class thinking I didn’t have any natural abilities within this realm but soon began to understand that the culmination of my life skills and experiences had been leading me to this point in time. As a carpenter and architectural technologist, I had been training my mind to visualize and organize conceptual ideas and construct them into material objects while diligently and purposefully working with my hands.
Since completing the two year Earning the Light program, and beginning the two year Way of The Medicine Keeper training, I have been able to cultivate and hone my skills, abilities, and understandings to help facilitate the process of clients making positive and lasting changes, and heal, their seemingly complex issues.
I find myself fortunate to have found this practice as it speaks to my unwavering desire to want to solve problems and find solutions. To serve in a meaningful way to my community and beyond is humbling and rewarding. I take pride and feel honoured to provide this service, and work hard to ensure that you are safe, supported, and in control while facilitating and guiding you on your healing journey within a professional atmosphere.

My Services:

We start by understanding that anything can change. We know this because of how issues are created and how they are healed. Without getting into a long list of diagnoses, the simple rule is that if an issue is showing up in your life and you want it to be different, it can change by healing how it was created. Physical pain, disease, anxiety, depression, relationship cycles, trauma, addiction, and behavioural issues are a short list of what can be healed.
Sessions involve a short discussion about what your issue is and how you experience it, followed by what you wish to experience instead. Using that information, as well as intuited guidance, we move into the healing portion of the session.
This may involve using energy medicine to repair any damage or remove any unwanted conditions that have formed. Or it could involve journeying a client to inner realms of his or her psyche to remove old patterns and update conditions.
We also provide other services that are classified as performance enhancing, afterlife preparation, space clearings, and recovery care.
During a session one may experience physical sensations such as hot and cold, tingling, or small body movements while energy is transferring; mental visions and spiritual awareness as reconnections are made to internal realms; or the release of emotions as unresolved traumas are healed.


“If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend Eric. I have worked with him in the past and his calm, forthright, and intuitive manner is a delight. He is simply amazing and will be able to get to the heart of the matter, the core issues, in such a firm but gentle way. If you have been thinking about energy work, Eric is the guy to go to.”
- Chris Evans, 2018
Service: Shamanic Healing

"I'm not sure what I was expecting but what I received was beyond what I thought was possible. I learned so much deep-rooted information about myself that it makes it hard to explain. This is the real deal."
- James Dunn, 2018
Service: Shamanic Healing

“Working with Eric has changed my life. His ability to track the root cause of any issue, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual is a true gift. He's adept in the spirit realm which I find very comforting. I look forward to my sessions with Eric because he listens deeply to me while holding me in sacred space. He embodies so many medicines. I came to Eric when I was really struggling and couldn't find my way out. He saw what I was unable to see and healed my past so that I could fully step into who I'm meant to be. I highly recommend working with Eric.”
- Chelsea Rae, 2019
Service: Shamanic Healing