Erika Tran

Intuitive Energy Healer | Reiki Master | Spiritual | Life Coach

I personally don't think I am different from any other Healers and coaches out there. The end goal for most of us healers or all of us Healers/lightworkers and coaches is to hold space, listen and guide clients/you to trust your intuition and not to give up on yourself. I dive in deep into the conversation during my 1:1 session and help you understand YOU better (the way you think, feel and move in our daily life/steps). Intuition comes from within—and I’m here to help you activate it.

My Mantra: "We all have our inner knowing, we just need to listen to it a little closer" -iamerikatran
"Your Gut Feeling is your inner compass." -Oprah Winfrey

I am a vaccinated healer!

Growing up, I suffered from depression and anxiety. I was raised in a family to never discuss our problems and stress level with anyone. Therefore, I caged my feelings and emotions for years. I was lost, helpless, out of place, even thoughts of suicide at times.

I took a few bad turns in life and relied heavily on others for directions and substance to numb my pain. Through learning about mindfulness, listening to our body, our energy and our inner voice, I was able to decrease my stress level, manage my anxiety, and found inner peace. Now, I am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Spiritual Coach based in Los Angeles, California.

I am here to hold a safe space for all my clients. My mission is to help them find answers and clarity to a specific question or questions; help release old patterns and limiting beliefs, and help identify their past wounds. I wish to provide clients with a variety of healing tools, techniques and other resources that can help them start manifesting their dream and live their life more peacefully, joyfully, and authentically.

My Services:

A universal life force energy that heal your mind body and soul. Reiki helps increase the body's ability to heal itself. It balances in the body’s organs and re-establish harmony in the system. Reiki helps balance energy in the body and mind and loosen up blocked energy. Reiki is the practice of transmitting energy healing through the hands. The person who is receiving Reiki may feel warm sensations and or tingling sensations during the session. Or you may feel nothing at all. The session itself should be very relaxing, pleasant and invigorating.

Intuitive Energy Healing:
It is a type of energy work to tap into your energy space, using my intuitive energy, and we move blockages and or unwanted energy within your body that prevent you from moving forward with your life and guide you to live your life to the fullest.

Everyone experiences intuitive healing differently. Some clients come to me with a specific question about their relationship with loved ones or about their career status, and we dive in deeper to see and feel what’s going on within the body and gain clarity and answers to the question. Some may just want to feel good and have no questions.

It is normal for us to have an off day and unsure why we feel off/feel stuck. So we find ways to move that energy and let go of the stagnant energy in their space. This can include chakra balancing and aura healing. It helps open your conscious awareness and stimulate healing in areas that’s needed or you wish to focus on, such as:
- Releasing any stagnant energy or past trauma: physical, emotional and spiritual.
- Cultivating mindfulness.
- Cutting chords and agreements with others in your space.
- Manifestation.


"I am not the type of person who easily opens up to share my problems. However Erika made me feel very comfortable since our first session and she was super easy to talk to. She helped me get through some difficult times and her intuitive powers never cease to amaze me. I trust her 100% and have recommended her to all my friends."
- Intuitive Healing client 7/23/2021

"Erika offered free weekly virtual reiki meditation sessions during the pandemic. Initially, it was the stress relief and anxiety relief I needed, without feeling the pressure to commit and feel overwhelmed. From that first class, it slowly led to another class, and then another, to ultimately me taking one-on-one healing sessions with Erika. Over the course of several months, I invested in taking care of myself and my well-being, and I entrusted a great teacher and leader like Erika who I could lean on for the support and guidance that I needed. Because of my intent to practice reiki meditation with Erika, through her teachings, it has helped me to identify when I’m starting to feel stressed or when the noises around me are loud. It has helped me to slow down and become more centered.

Erika is a very caring and patient teacher. She is intuitive and understanding and knows how to listen intently and guide each student in their own practice, both collectively and individually. We are all going through our own life journeys and facing our own difficulties. Erika understands that everyone is different, and inherently understands that each person’s needs are varied. Erika is also compassionate and listens and speaks with empathy, without judgement. That makes for a great teacher. I am so proud to know Erika and glad that I finally made the time for myself to take a reiki class and one-on-one session with her. I would highly recommend Erika to anyone."
- Client 8/2020

It was very interesting as I have never done anything like this before relating to anything spiritual. I heard great things from multiple people that are currently working with her. I’m not one to open up about the things I keep bottled up. She helped look at things from a different perspective. Her ability to read me was mind blowing. I had no relations with her so there was no way for her to have known things since the people that worked with her don’t know those things about me. I’ve been using the breathing techniques she taught me and also did some other exercises she had shown me that have already made a positive impact in my relationship with others and control myself from saying things I didn’t mean out of frustration. I’m not sure where this will take me but I am ready to dive in deeper and to get a better understanding of what I want in life and what I want to change in myself. Overall a great experience and would recommend this to others to at least give a shot if you are seeking help for change in your life."
- Client 2/2021

"Erika is such a gifted healer. Her intuition is so strong and accurate and her healing abilities are an innate gift within her. She always leaves students in awe that work with her and brings such a pure, innocent lightness to the space. Erika is a powerhouse in the healing world. If you are ready to open up to healing and deeper answers within, she is a wonderful guide with a big heart."
- Meditation teacher and mentor 12/2019

" When I first met Erika at our Grateful Hearts retreat in Palm Springs, I was drawn to her peaceful energy. I scheduled a private Reiki session shortly after the retreat, and it was an amazing experience. I felt balanced and refreshed after our session, and I was very impressed with Erika’s intuitive and healing abilities. Definitely recommend."
- Client 6/2019