Gigi Ventura 'Priestess of Divine'

Ordained Minister | Spiritual Counselor | Meta-Mystic Teacher | Celtic Energy & Sound Healer

I was born different. I was shamed for being different. Bullied and treated unfairly. I have been able to transmute that energy and rise to meet it with open arms...with unconditional acceptance. I hold a safe space for every aspect of the shadow, every dimension of pain and suffering. I am a deep sea diver, fearlessly head first into the parts where light does not venture. I am direct, transparent, yet gentle as I guide my clients to reclaim their power and ignite their divinity.

My Mantra: "The love you withhold is the pain that you carry, lifetime after lifetime" - Vissaeus

Divine was born into a bloodline of occult practices and magick. Practicing earth based witchcraft since fourteen years young and transcendental meditation since sixteen years young. Divine fully awakened to her mission here on earth at twenty four years old when she transitioned from art school to metaphysical educations. Divine's purpose is to aid in the collective healing, recovery, reprogramming and awakening of humankind during this lifetime.

My Services:

Spiritual Counseling is spirituality merged with psychotherapeutic guidance, support and care.

Clairsentient Energy Reading is clairvoyantly channeling energy using divination, and incantation.

Energy Frequency Healing is Celtic Reiki energy healing methods paired with medical grade tuning forks and chimes to heal the physical/energetic body.


"I reconnected with Priestess early 2019, maybe late 2018 and it's been an amazing journey. She has been a major catalyst for me personal spiritual healing and awakening as well. Her guidance has helped me get back in balance. Taking her Witchcraft workshops I have learned so much more about magick,spirituality and the cosmos as a whole.
This awareness is allowing me to master my magic as a creator! Thank you Priestess of Divine! Highly recommended from one healer to another ."
- Alejandro Chavez

"I’ve had the pleasure of having a couple of clairvoyant readings from Priestess. The 1st was at a Halloween 2019 pop up bar. Even with all the distractions around she was able to give me a great and accurate energy oracle reading. I was so impressed, I scheduled a longer reading with her and so did my wife. The longer reading was as expected. She provided great insight as well as gave me some good breathing and grounding techniques to take home. Priestess is dedicated to her craft and it shows."
- David Tovar

"Magical! I’ve gotten multiple energy oracle readings from Priestess and every time it blows me away! She makes it extremely comfortable and explained every question I had. Her spiritual energy is like none I’ve experienced before. 10/10!!"
- Vanessa Velasquez