Hannah Eaton

Metaphysical Holistic Healer | Shamanic Healer | Expert Oracle andTarot Reader | Crystal Healer | Sound Healer | Meditation Teacher

“As a spiritual and holistic guide, I am here for the willing that are seeking clarity and relief from disruptive energy.”

My Mantra: Compassion, Understanding, Patience, and Confidence. This has been a mantra that I have been using in my meditations for years. Its intention has been to help me understand my role among others, and how to be the best person I can be.

Spiritual awareness is the next step in our global consciousness, this shift is uncomfortable and unknowing. Having a guide to remind us that we are human and have the power to overcome is imperative, and for me this is only natural to gravitate towards. I think that healing is the ability to believe in mind over matter. We have the knowledge within us to make a choice to let go and heal.

My path began with branching from my family’s traditional medicine inspiration. I am a 3rd generation holistic healer, coming from reiki masters, transcendental meditation guides and massage therapists. This formed my wellness outlook, providing a foundation for my growth into holistic healing. I learned where my passions were for helping people as a universal mediator. My goal is to become well-rounded and educated in all forms of traditional medicine. I have received degrees in Holistic Healing, Art History, Geography, and Cultural Holistic Wellness. Through my journey, I connected with being a meditation guide, a tarot reader, a crystal, and sound healer. In the future, I hope to accomplish more with physical body healing with certifications in yoga, massage therapy, and chiropractics.

As a spiritual and holistic guide, I am here for the willing that are seeking clarity and relief from disruptive energy. To provide a sacred and safe space to heal oneself and encourage personal growth. I hope to continue assisting in the normalization of traditional forms of healing into our western society. I thrive on helping people find their way to their greatest intention and purest destiny, by accepting love and light into their mind, body, and soul.

My Services:

When I perform a healing session, the space will be smudged to bring in positive love and light while releasing negative energy and unwanted attachments. In my practice, I use crystals and Tibetan singing bowls to heal and attune energies in the holistic body. These will be chosen for the given need of the situation, the same goes for my tarot cards which are selected for each individual reading.

Tarot Reading:
A spiritually connected tarot reading that brings in messages for growth and clarity.

Guided Meditation:
Individual or group session for a guided meditation with Tibetan bowls or nature sounds.

Crystal Healing Meditation:
Prescribing crystals for a healing meditative session.

Chakra Meditation & Tarot Reading:
Self assessing meditation of the chakra energy sources and realigning them with a tarot reading to understand blockages in the chakra system.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Bath Meditation:
Various singing bowls used for tuning frequencies in the energetic body to their natural tone, with a calming meditation.

Nature Healing Hike:
For individuals or groups, a guided local hike to relief stress and provide exercise.