Jacquelyn Earnest

Ordained Minister | Energy Healer | Soul Memory Discovery Practitioner | Pranic Healing | Upledger CranioSacral Therapy | Marcel Vogel Healing Method | Spiritual Counselor

After 25 years the modalities I studied are integrated and come through for what is the clients highest good based on their intention, their guides and my guidance.The energy flows through me to clear blockages, remove energetic cords, and balance the system. We are equal in the process, this resonance is the power where the restorative effects occur. I receive messages from their guides that I share at the end of the session to help empower them to move forward in their self-healing.

My Mantra: “We will not just say, “I love him very much,” but instead, “I will do something so that he/she will suffer less.” The mind of compassion is truly present when it is effective in removing another person’s suffering.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Feeling unfulfilled in a career of computer and software sales and going through a major remodel of our home, I felt like my whole being was getting dismantled. I was suffering from self-doubt and low self-esteem. I knew I needed to find my passion, and who was I beyond the mask I presented to the outside world. A friend recommended a gifted person who worked with the energy field. After one session, I experienced a shift & connection to my body that was foreign, yet exhilarating and solid. A whole new world opened and my curiosity wanted to explore this new energy phenomenon. I enrolled in Barbara Brennan's School of Healing & felt joy in the idea of helping others.
At the time, I did not know "others" and I were the same. I was taught through the different modalities to get out of my own way and allow the higher power to move through me. This exploration started me on a long journey of self-healing, deep introspection, honesty, intention and courage. The goal was to surrender and trust the guidance always present beyond my own belief systems. My practice is based on empowerment of others to find their Divine life force, to light their path by experiencing their own inner wisdom and transformation.

My Services:

Soul Memory Discovery:
A spiritual healing modality which enables us to access, identify and release issues that limit our lives and keep us from the full expression of our essences and beings. It heals the emotional body and can be helpful with eliminating symptoms of: anxiety, fear, post traumatic stress disorder, grief, rage, anger and depression.

Pranic Healing:
An energy no-touch system based on the fundamentals principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing utilizes life force, energy or prone to accelerate the the body's inborn ability to help.

Cranial Sacral Therapy:
Assists in autonomic nervous system regulation and turns down the sympathetic overdrive. It works with the fascia network of the body and when functioning well the person is able to have a better representation in the somatosensory cortex as well as range of motion and strength.

Energy Healing through Barbra Brennan's School of Healing:
Clears the field of stuck energy, balances the chakras, cuts energetic cords and overall clearing for vitality and clarity.

Marcel Vogel Crystal Pyramid:
Enhances the energy healing & harmonizes the energy field through resonance.


"Jackee and I met when she was first beginning her journey in the healing arts. Jackee was enrolled with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Arts, and one morning she asked me if she could practice what she was learning by doing a session with me. I readily agreed. Jackee's healing room had a beautiful and serene feeling, which was present throughout the session. After the healing, Jackee shared with me the information she received. I was amazed by the accuracy of the information, the subtle shifts I was feeling in my body, and transformations I was experiencing. There was a sense of kindness and compassion I felt for myself in the spiritual realm. As I conveyed to Jackee all I experienced, she told me with great sincerity it was me who allowed and co-created the healing. The generosity from Jackee was deeply empowering for me. I have had many sessions with Jackee over the years. With every healing I experience a deeper knowingness of self/Self, a more expanded understanding of my multi-dimensionality, and a deep connectedness with the Universe.....for which I am eternally grateful."
- Lynn Hays, Artist

"With my first private healing session with the Jacquelyn I felt a sense of well-being and the potential of what it could mean to be my best self. Her humor, enthusiasm and knowledge of healing practices helped me relax and share in the process. I looked forward to the possibilities of what a healing session might bring. She seems to inwardly prepare in a manner where she serves as a vehicle for healing and shares in the wonder of the Divine. When I experience the Divine something happens better than expected. My healing sessions with Jacquelyn always bring a delightful outcome. I continue to experience the benefits months and years after."
- Judy Gamache, RN, BSN Risk Specialist

"When I first met Jackee I felt an instant connection with her. Being in her presence alone is
inherently healing. Her authenticity, gentleness, compassion, and nonjudgmental nature always
puts me at ease. I feel validated, seen and safe to show up exactly as I am. During our work
together, even though I am relaxed, we are in a process of co-creation and I feel like an active
participant in the unfolding of healing that takes place. Despite the distance between us, as we
only do distance work at the moment, I’m always taken aback by the parallels in our experience
and the accuracy of what comes through. I cannot stress enough Jackee’s ability to create a
safe and trusting space. As someone with a history of trauma this has been an essential
component in my healing. Jackee is deeply connected to Spirit and also very much so has her
feet on the earth. She has a gift of bridging the energetic, spiritual realms and this 3D reality in a
way that feels authentic and grounded. At the end of the session, Jackee takes time to help me
integrate what has occurred and I feel empowered to go forth into my life and continue the work
on my own. She is incredibly astute and articulate in her ability to translate and help make
meaning of the session. The total trust she has in me is transmitted and I feel my own strength
and, I know that she’s there if and when I need her support again. Jackee’s wisdom, and the
work she’s done in her own healing and spiritual journey is obvious and shows itself in the calm
realness she embodies. Perhaps this is why I feel so safe with her, because I know she
understands in a real way where I am in my journey."
- Katie Duncan, Art Therapist