Jenna Bollard-Marcovitz

Board Certified Music Therapist | Reiki Master and Teacher | Certified Child Life Specialist | Meditation Instructor | Sound Healer (MA, MT-BC, CCLS, RMT)

The healing I provide is multi-dimensional in the sense that with over a decade of experience working in the medical setting in level 4 trauma intensive care units, I can quickly assess and meld multiple modalities together at the exact moment you need it to enhance introspection, comfort and self-awareness. As a music therapist, I have an ability to not only facilitate emotional release but I am qualified as a therapist to provide support in the emotional processing to follow. My healing sessions always come with notes/key takeaways and room to process so that you always leave your sessions with me with a sense of calm, direction and closure. As a vocalist, I also use my voice when appropriate to encourage deeper states of relaxation and epiphany.

My Mantras:
For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.
- Cynthia Occelli

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
- Carolyn Mysse

"People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."
- Dalai Lama

I am a vaccinated healer!

My journey as a healer began with my greatest passion, music therapy. I've spent over a decade working with people from all walks of life through some of life's most profound and vulnerable moments such as the moment of birth and the moment of death and all of the ebbs and flows that come between. I specialized in providing medical music therapy more specifically hospice and palliative care, perinatal care, neonatal intensive care, hematology and oncology and pediatric intensive care. I deepened my knowledge with specializations in neurologic music therapy, NICU music therapy and music therapy assisted childbirth. On my journey as a Healer, I sought out to also heal my own chronic illness (PCOS) and find healing of my own past traumas and build resilience against compassion fatigue as a healthcare worker. This is what ultimately brought me to the practice of meditation, reiki and energy healing and sound healing. It was important to seek a flow state and connectedness to spirit in my work and reiki/meditation has unlocked this flow and enhanced the capacity for healing. I am continuing to evolve my philosophy and offerings as a Healer by studying Traditional East Asian medicine at Emperor's college along with studying massage therapy techniques. I became a holistic healthcare practitioner because I believe healing is a multifaceted journey and requires a myriad of nurturing approaches. I feel strongly that we must all share our gifts in support of one another-that as a community we have the capacity to heal together with creativity, empathy, nature and spirit on our side.

My Services:

Music Therapy:
Music therapy assessment to identify your music-based treatment plan.
Music therapy is an evidence-based practice which utilizes the power of music within the therapeutic relationship with a board certified music therapist (MT-BC). Music therapy can be individualized to meet everyone's needs. Some reasons why you may want to explore music therapy might be to; aid in your anxiety and stress management, to experience emotional release and processing, to process trapped emotions in your subconscious, to rehabilitate neurologically and/or physically, to find support during a challenging transition or time, to connect with others by improving communication and social skills or to enhance overall wellness. Music therapy is available to all ages and abilities. During this consultation we will assess, review options and try some interventions together.

Perinatal Music Therapy:
Evidenced-based music interventions to support prenatally, during labor and delivery and postpartum. Create your own special womb song for your baby along with a music plan to assist in delivery and beyond. The first session is an assessment and consultation to start off your treatment plan. Music can increase bonding and relaxation, can decrease pain and increase milk production. For the baby, music can enhance neurologic development, improve sleep and improve feeds.

Sound bath/sound healing:
Use of Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, meditation drums and soothing vocals to promote a deep relaxation experience. Post-sound bath verbal processing and/or space to journal and reflect on the experience is also provided.

Guided Music Meditation:
Avariety of guided meditation experiences individualized to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Available via distance and in person. Energy healing to balance energy systems within the body. During the channeling process I receive messages from spirit and take notes to be shared and processed at the end of the session. Mini meditations and sound bath can be integrated at the beginning and end of reiki session if desired.

Animal Reiki
Calming energy balancing for animals (can be done remotely or in-person).

Gua Sha:
An ancient Chinese healing technique that is a natural, alternative therapy which involves gently rubbing the skin with a cooling massage tool to improve your circulation, reduce inflammation, reduce muscle tension and decrease the appearance of fine lines.


"Knowing Jenna as a therapist, I can’t help but appreciate how she creates space for profound self-discovery through gently encouraging vulnerability and introspection in a safe and grounded bubble of support. Her facilitation is genuine and never feels scripted, and she has a true gift for somehow providing exactly what you might need in the moment, whether it is through thoughtfully chosen music, deep empathy, or in providing a framework for appreciating the insane beauty and madness of life, and the rhythm of nature."
- Kristina, meditation, Reiki, Music Therapy experience, 2019

"It was to my delightful surprise how powerful and aligned our synchronicity was that described my experience with the magnitude of Jenna’s Reiki session. I even felt bouts of sensations days after! I was put at ease with Jenna’s thoughtfulness, as she made me feel cared for, safe, and anchored as a vessel of accepting flow of energy, while also affirming for an overflowing well of good health!"
- Desiree, Distance Reiki session, 2020

"Jenna utilizes her incredible gift of Reiki and music into an immersive relaxation experience. I felt so much energy flowing through my body. I was incredibly relaxed and empowered after my session with Jenna. I felt like I worked through several past traumas and some heavy energy that I was carrying. I feel so cleansed and ready to create and play after my reiki session!"
- Chelsea, in person Reiki, 2020