Jennifer Parr

Energy Healer | Reiki Master | Advanced Theta Healer | Holistic Coach | Laughter Yoga

"My offerings are unique because I am trained in 5 different healing modalities so I intuitively customize each session. I can quickly guide clients to identify subconscious blocks (in the form of thoughts, energy, and archetypes) that are in the way of them experiencing what they truly desire in their heart like purposeful work, deep connection, and harmonious relationships. Often energy blocks show up in the form of procrastination, low self-confidence, doubt, lack of purpose, workhorse energy, relationship challenges, lack of clarity, over-giving, isolation, and more. I can show clients how to move energy so outside circumstances naturally and easily change."

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

I grew up eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) chock-full of processed, canned, boxed and frozen foods. Growing up, I struggled with emotional eating and chronic stomach problems including being diagnosed with IBS and severe food allergies. I also experienced weight gain and skin breaks. To be honest, I was also very unhappy in most other areas of my life as well and experienced toxic relationships with men and in the workplace. I began seeking out holistic therapies after the traditional routes did not seem to be helping (prescription pills from doctors) and that is what lead me to heal myself naturally. Now with no more IBS or acne, I have completely changed my life (and now have much healthier and happier relationships with men, work, and myself). I achieved lasting change and healing through the support of subconscious energy clearing (theta healing), reiki, nutrition, and coaching. I became certified in each of those modalities and now am dedicated to supporting others on their journey.

My Services:

Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching:
Individual sessions are done virtually via video using a mindful, and intuitive approach combining energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, guided meditation, and practical tools to live a happy, healthy life. We will have an initial consultation to access the challenges you are facing and together, we'll devise a plan to achieve lasting transformation. In between sessions, you’ll receive at-home practices to support your goals. I tend to attract conscious, heart-centered, women and children (I'm also a former teacher) as clients but I of course welcome all beautiful humans who resonate with me to reach out to see if we're a good fit.

Laughter Session:
Combining yogic breathing techniques, with guided laughter exercises and a unique form of meditation to experience more joy, play, and get out of your head and into your heart. Learn how to change your mood and release built-up emotions using laughter. This is also a great way to elevate energy and raise your vibration. This is available for both individuals and groups and can be done virtually or in person (depending on location).


1. “I've worked with Jenn for many years. Not only has she offered Reiki but also emotional support through some tough times. Her intuition and guidance have especially helped me and my children in dealing with all the challenges that 2020 brought. She is kind and gentle in her approach as well as extremely compassionate with the healing process. Her suggestions from a session seek to empower. Even though we haven't met in person and each session has been long distance, the sessions have been powerful in removing blocks and furthering the healing process. Thank you, Jenn!”
- Anonymous Mom, 8/9/21

2. "Jenn held a gentle space for me to revisit traumatic childhood events and I processed a lot of anger, fear, and frustration. She guided me to re-parent my inner child in a way that left me feeling integrated, excited, and safe to be creative and expressive! We agreed to a practice that would help my adult self and my inner child work together to maintain these feelings of happiness and joy. I can see clearly now how this energy work unravels old patterns, how I can continue to do my self work and take responsibility of my own power. I’m so grateful for this process, the insight it offered, and this feeling of empowerment and peace. Thank you Jenn!!"
- Rubina Beg, 8/7/21

3. "Jenn holds beautiful space during her sessions. Her powerful and gentle guidance always provides me with the support and adjustments I’m needing. She’s incredibly intuitive, grounded yet spontaneous. I always look forward to my sessions with her and the way they are able to create shifts in my life nearly immediately. If you have the chance to work with Jenn I highly recommend her!"
- Alexandra DeMartini, 7/20/21