Lisa Jagodzinski

Reiki Healer

“My Reiki sessions are focused on 4 levels of the body. Your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual being. I also work with the energy points within your body, known as chakras, by clearing, opening, and balancing them.”

My Mantra: My daily mantra is - Just for today- I will not worry. I will not be angry. I will do my work honestly. I will be grateful for my many blessings. I will be kind to all living things.

I grew up with 2 generations of ladies very much into holistic health & healing. That being said I also grew up around alot of sadness and uncertainty that created quite a bit of trauma. It became clear to me at a very young age I had two choices. One being, I continue on the path that surrounds me. Two, I jump out of the family circle and better myself. I never felt like I fit in so it was easy to choose the second option. I was determined to figure out what could free my soul and lead me to a happier life. This came with yrs. of self-work and lots of emotional lessons learned. Along my path of awakening things started to unfold & show up in my life as they were needed for me to grow & heal. My introduction to Reiki was through a massage I received from a therapist who incorporates Reiki into her work. The experience was absolutely profound! It left me in a state of wanting to learn all about this modality so I can share with others. Becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner has been a beautiful journey that has opened up many connections to like-minded individuals creating room for so much growth and expansion in the lives of others and my own. The knowing that I can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing my gifts lights me up inside. Being able to bring harmony, balance, & healing into someone’s state of well-being I see as a true blessing.

I was born with very heightened intuitive senses. Clairsentience and Claircognizance have always come naturally to me. I grew up thinking everyone gets these intuitive hits and can sense things about one another until friends started saying “how did you know that or why do you care about that”. Along my journey thus far as a service provider people have shared with me how relaxed, peaceful & good they feel in my presence. My natural high vibrational (energy field) seems to draw things out of people & lift them up. Helping them to release & work through stuck emotions, negative patterns, and connect them to whatever their soul believes to be the divine. With these natural abilities, advanced trainings, and sharing the gift of Reiki life force energy with others is what makes me a true healer.
Sound frequency impacts our sympathetic nervous system; your brain waves synchronize.
Energy is the life force of everything. Our bodies are a collection of cells. The cells themselves are made up of energy. Energy is a naturally vibrating substance. Thus, being the reason all of these modalities help bring harmony, healing, and balance to one’s body and surroundings.

My Social Impact:

The manifesting change I seek is to be the bridge for others to feel and experience being fully embodied. Living & breathing from the space of authenticity & wholeness. My beliefs are that everyone deserves to enjoy life from this space. I practice this, share this with others, and take action towards my own growth every day.

My Services:

A session consists of us first sitting and chatting about any shares and questions you’re looking to address during your session. Typically, you’ll be laying on a massage table on your back, fully clothed unless you're uncomfortable in this position. A session can also be received laying on your sides, stomach, or sitting in a chair. I will go through the healing sequence starting at your head working my way down to your feet. Hands are lightly placed on you or above you. During a session a client will sometimes feel heat coming from my hands, very relaxed, lightly drift off or fall asleep. Once the session is complete, I leave a little time at the end for chatting & integration of all that’s been received.

Reiki Sessions
60 min
90 min
120 min

Distant Reiki Sessions
120 min


"My Reiki treatments with Lisa are so deeply nourishing. I feel such peace when she works on me! Lisa’s experience and dedication to her practice shows and inspires me. I benefit so greatly from our sessions! I am always at ease and comfortable. This allows me to completely connect with my mind and body :) Thank you Lisa, for lifting my spirits, helping me feel empowered, free and joyful!"
- Theresa Hess, November 9, 2020

"Lisa came highly recommended to me from a friend. She has definitely met my needs & expectations. She’s great at making you feel comfortable & relaxed upon the introduction of your service. Beautiful outdoor studio atmosphere. Receiving a session from Lisa is such a great way to feel balanced, peaceful, and grounded in your body. I was able to carry this feeling throughout me for a few days. Total bliss!"
- Chelsea MacLure, 1/10/21

"Receiving Reiki services from Lisa is an absolutely delightful experience! She is highly trained to create & hold the perfect space for whatever your needs are. For me it's like therapy for the soul. She’s great at helping you release things your body no longer needs to hold onto. And in turn helps you feel whole and grounded. I’d highly recommend her."
- Peter, 1-6-21

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