Martyna Bielecka

Reiki and Energy Healer

"I think I focus on empowering people. Because I believe we all can heal ourselves. We just need the tools and belief and grabbing your power back."

My Mantra: "If you can dream it you can do it." - Walt Disney

I joined the program of Christie Marie Sheldon (bestseller on I joined it to heal myself. I did NOT know it is not healing us but teaching us more lol. I mean it was healing us all along the journey of course. I started loving it SO MUCH! and people in the course started telling me that I'm really good in it and it became such a passion of mine I couldn't stop. Later on I got a certificate in Reiki and started loving it too:) I also can read from Art.. When children or adults paint, I can see energy blocks there which we can later on release:) No one taught me this one... this one I just discovered is in me by accident. And I checked it multiple times with people and it is correct:)


Channelling Love of the universe (God's energy) to Heal you.

Energy Healing:
Through speaking healing your energy blocks, I can also read from Art so if you have some Art you painted or in your home I can read whether its energy brigs you up or down:) also it may tell your past and what needs to be healed.


"Martyna is one of the most powerful energy healers I have ever met. I have never felt such instant and spontaneus energy block removal, she aligned my energies and her work is beyond powerful and my body felt so much in alignment and just right after the healing session. My back pain and stiff neck just disappeared with only one session, I can recommend Martyna highly to anyone who needs healing."
- Catherine Le Blanc

"Martyna is an Amazing light worker uplifting many to lead an awesome life. I have been blessed to be acquainted with Martina for the past 6 months plus and am truly grateful for that. I was on call with her few times earlier one on one for addressing my core issues bothering me for quite some time. She did the reading and appropriate clearing for me with explanations in her own unique way. I was facing a relationship issue and the life of my kids were of great concern to me. I approached Martyna for help as I had prior experiences of cool manifestation in my reality after taking short sessions with her. In less than 10days after a two-hour session with her things started to happen in a miraculous way resulting in an appropriate solution which was higher and good for everyone involved. I am grateful and thankful to Martyna for her efforts."

"Martyna is sincere and passionate about helping people. I strongly recommend you to avail her coaching and see the benefit for yourself. Blessings to Martyna and all her Clients."
- Velan D

"Martyna is truly gifted! She is really following her intuition. She is full of joy and passion! I felt connected to myself after the session with her and wanted to dance! :) Trust her and you won’t regret it!"
- Magdalena