Maxine Davis

Reiki Master-Teacher | Intuitive Reader

What makes my offerings so powerful is that I infuse them with electrifying energy to spark transformation. I want anyone who comes to me looking for guidance to leave their session feeling as if they hold the necessary tools to continue on their healing journey.

My Mantra: "Love flows through me!"

I started my practice with the intention to positively touch as many lives as possible through my offerings. Since conception, I have been able to do just that by supplying beings worldwide with knowledge to awaken their innate curative capabilities.

In 2012, I came to a major turning point. I found myself exhausted and lost due to dealing with an autoimmune disorder. I had tried many modalities but nothing seemed to help me sustain a normal day to day life. Fast forward to 2015, I began researching holistic healing methods and their benefits. I took a strong interest in Reiki and intuitively knew this was what I needed. After my first Reiki session, I cried. It felt as if a weight was lifted off of my soul. I told myself that this feeling that I have, this sense of peace and hope, was something that I wanted to extend to others. That same year, I became attuned to all three levels of Usui Reiki and began holding sessions & teachings around the Los Angeles and South Texas area.

As an intuitive guide, I am here to shine a light on the beautiful gifts that reside within my clients. My goal through holding and sharing space is to inspire personal evolution as you continue on this colorful journey called life.

My Social Impact:

I believe that to truly manifest the change that you seek in the world, you must be the change. I am doing my part by continuing to be a student of life. As a Healer, you must walk the walk. You have a great responsibility to do the work just as much as those who come to you for assistance.

My Services:

Reiki Healing Session:
1 hour healing that includes a brief opening discussion about the areas of your life that need healing, setting intention for the session, and an in-person or distant Reiki treatment. Reiki is a Japanese technique that restores the optimal flow of energy within our system by dissolving any blockages and promotes healing, relaxation, and stress reduction. Anyone can learn Reiki, whether it’s being used for personal healing or for healing others.

Reiki Healing Circle:
A community based healing group tied to meditation, releasing unwanted energy, and realigning Chakras.

Intuitive Reading:
This reading mixes Tarot and Oracle readings to give you insight on how to navigate through your current life path with ease!

New Moon Healing Circle:
A community based healing group event that is centered around honoring the New Moon lunar energy through Reiki, Meditation, and Tarot.

Full Moon Healing Circle:
A community based healing group event that is centered around honoring the Full Moon lunar energy through Reiki, Meditation, and Tarot.


"I'm still amazed by my reading! Right on point with my life"
- Nakia R.

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