Nikolay Ayerov

Spiritual Advisor | Past Life Regression Healer | Reiki Healer | Expert Chakra Reader | Charka Healer | Quantum Healer

“My main goal above all else, is to empower my clients, with life changing perspectives, as well as easy tools that can be used to give YOU, the tools YOU need to handle any situation and challenge that comes YOUR way, with compassion and understanding.”

My Mantra: As above so below. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.

My practice is all about helping YOU close cycles that may have been running far beyond just this current incarnation.

All together this journey starts a major cleansing within which frees your energetic body up to allow more light in. Benefits of more light in your body. Include faster healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Awakening of YOUR very own unique gifts that you came here to help humanity with. As well as more peace, happiness and overall well-being in your day-to-day life.

I readily make myself available to all of my clients for any questions, concerns or inquiries they may have after our sessions. I understand the importance of having someone who understands what you specifically are going through even when everyone around you may not at that moment. It can be very lonely and scary. Know you are never alone on this journey!

My journey began with a plea to the universe, that plea was "There has to be more to life then this!" That one phrase skyrocketed me into this metaphysical journey. I discovered my healing abilities exactly one year ago in March 2020. Ever since then my practice has evolved over a dozen times in the last year. So that YOU have the most effective and transformative experience in our journey together. That is why I keep healing, growing and evolving as a person. For as the saying goes "If you wish to make the world a better place, you must first become a better person."

My main goal above all else, is to empower my clients, with life changing perspectives, as well as easy tools that can be used to give YOU the tools YOU need to handle any situation and challenge that comes YOUR way, with compassion and understanding. I create a very comfortable relaxed environment during our session with a powerful mix of my own frequency, as well as walking you through every step of our journey in an easily understandable format and check-in process where we are always on the same page.

My Services:

First I guide you to connecting to the five foundational human values which are typically directly connected to a concurrent trauma. When addressing the trauma or a blockage I use my intuition to find where the root cause originated then we clear it out through a journey of forgiveness and releasing cord. Then we return the fragment aspects of your soul. Together, we’ll brings that part of you back to wholeness. After that I go into your quantum field and help pull out any blockages from or around your chakras which disrupt proper energetic flow within YOU. Ending with you feeling a deep state of inner peace.

This life/Past Life Regression:
Where we go on a journey of finding the root cause of any trauma you wish to break the cycle of. Sometimes we regress to a childhood trauma and other times a past life. With the past life you will find out the time period of the life and a description of what I see that happens to create this cycle. Releasing you from repeating that cycle in this life and all lives to come.

Quantum Healing:
Going into your energetic body where all your past traumas and karmas lie from the many incarnations you have lived.

Chakra Reading:
I read your chakras and see how they are doing marking them with a 0-99% Active/Underactive/Closed measurement. I read Old Consciousness Chakra System as well as New Consciousness Chakra Systems.

Chakra Healing:
I look into your Chakras to see how they are doing and remove any blockages or explain what physical actions are needed for them to remain functioning at their peak. Sometimes we find animals or mythical creatures in your chakras that are there to teach us a lesson.

As a master Reiki Practitioner, I call the universal energies to follow through me as I become a pure channel through which your guides, angels, ancestors and ascended masters can help you heal any imbalances within your energetic and physical bodies.

Typically a normal session is a mix of all of the above. But if you would like to specifically focus on one of these modalities. For example, just do Quantum healing without any past life regression or just chakra rebalancing. That is absolutely an option. This is YOUR hour.


"Nikolay is one of the most incredible healers I have had the pleasure of working with. He has helped me heal deep family wounds, traumas, and addictions. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to further better their life and their spiritual journey!"
- Erin K., 2/15/21
Practitioner: Nikolay Ayerov
Services Rendered: Past life regression/Reiki/Quantum Healing/Chakra healing.

“Nikolay is Love! He is very intuitive and has demonstrated his capacity to identify areas and facilitate “clearing” on many levels. This has enabled me to move forward on my path towards fulfilling my life’s true purpose. I am grateful to Nikolay and know that he has only my best in his heart. Thank you, Dear Brother!”
- Michael K., 1/3/21
Practitioner: Nikolay Ayerov
Services Rendered: Past Life Regression/Reiki.

"Last week I had a powerful healing with Nikolay Ayerov, healer and light worker. I’m the midst of emotional challenges that are disrupting my life. Nikolay took me through his simple, yet powerful 4 step healing process. Already during the session, I felt solid and open hearted. What’s so great about his process is that he empowered me to do further healing on my own. I highly recommend Nikolay to everyone who wants to deal with tough stuff and is willing to grow spiritually."
- Marcel K, 2/15/21
Practitioner: Nikolay Ayerov
Services Rendered: Past life Regression/Reiki