Paul Winchester

Reiki Healer | Spiritual Life Coach

I am a Demonologist, and have the gift of removing negative energies, entities, demonic forces from a person of their home. Anyone that books a session with me can expect to feel lighter, loved, and hopeful.

My Mantra: "Out of the darkness, and into the light"

I decided to start helping people through mind, body, and soul after I experienced something paranormal. I had experienced a demonic force in my home and it was terrifying. I cleansed my home the next day with no knowledge of energy cleansing at the time, but I was always a Healer, and it took me going through something traumatic to figure that out. After I cleansed my home, I felt the entire place shift and feel so light, even my then roommates and dogs felt so much peace and the difference. That's how I knew I was a gifted Healer and I had work to do. I vowed to help anyone in need of spiritual assistance, and I have been doing so successfully ever since.

My Services:

Reiki Healing:
Reiki Energy is Universal energy that is channeled throughout the body in places that it is needed the most. I simply am the messenger and conduit for healing energy when it comes to Reiki. Reiki benefits opening the chakras and balancing them out, removing physical pain, improving mood, and raising the vibration.

Spiritual Life Coaching:
A session of Spiritual Life Coaching helps in areas of one's life with the help of myself and my Spirit Guides. It helps with overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and adhering to the advice from Spirit Guides if needed.


"Paul is an exceptional healer who uses his gifts to be a blessing to all that he comes in contact with. I received a reiki healing from Paul. The months before the healing I was experiencing debilitating depression, anxiety, and intense fear. I came in contact with Paul and decided to get a session, which brought me extreme peace. I now feel refocused and the ability to walk through life with my purpose restored. He is kind, sincere, loving and a genuine source of healing. When you come across him or his website, please consider working with him, I know that he will be a true blessing to your life. Thanks for all that you do, we appreciate your genuine work."
- Constance J. (Reiki Healing Session Testimonial February 27, 2021)