Rebecca Sine

Ancient Energy Healer

Though similar to reiki in its myriad of applications, my healing has no officially established label; it comes from my Soul and is recognized by the Soul. Like an extra-dimensional tuning fork, I emanate immemorial vibrations of my Starseed origins to catalyze the self-activation of higher realities within your own expression of divinity.

My Mantra: "All I know is that all is well, and everything is unfolding as it should."

I am a vaccinated healer!

Since I was seven, my life has been serendipitously guided toward a path of conscious nutrition, natural hygiene, meditation, psychic development, energy control, and mystical studies—all for the purpose of re-discovering the innate healing ability that I have carried for innumerable lifetimes on this Earth and beyond.
The pursuit of professional applications of my gifts began with the world of naturopathic medicine, evolved into a grassroots approach with reiki healing, and culminated in the expression of my Soul’s very own healing essence. My life unfolds in healing; healing is what I am.

My Social Impact:

I am manifesting to be the change that I seek in the world by manifesting the changes within that will lead me to greatest alignment with my divine self, which in turn helps to create a divine world.

My Services:

Gentle Photonic Light Infusion:
A general session great for overall healing and regular 'tune-ups'. Clear non-serving energies and receive an ultra high-vibratory dose of sublime light energy into the crevices of your being.

Ancient Elemental Star Healing:
A targeted session where we may focus on specific matters of the mind, spirit, and emotions with more involved energetic applications and techniques, including but not limited to crystal energy transmission, guided visualization, remote kinesiology, breathwork, and brief insights from tarot in addition to a healing energy transmission.

Alchemical Higher Path Activation:
An expansive session including but limited to live sound healing, channeled Lyran-Sirian Light Language (Elohim Language), Vedic and/or Kabbalic sacred chanting, extensive tarot insights, and Higher Self-assisted reprogramming + repatterning in addition to a healing energy transmission. Whether you are just starting your spiritual journey and seeking acceleration, an embodied Master seeking resonant energies, or at any point in-between, know that encountering this healing session is no accident.


"Thank you Rebecca, you are amazing and your healing brought immense peace and clarity."
-Preet, British Columbia, Heyoka Empathic Healing, 2020

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