Shannon Paczkowski

Chakra Reading | Chakra Reiki | Metaphysical Teaching | Law of Attraction Coaching | Wholistic Living Guidance | Guided Meditation

I am a vaccinated healer!

The true foundational root of our journey is Chakra Energy. Your true-self by default wants to achieve balance, contentment and happiness within your life; however, old programing, wounding, family dynamics, karmic debris, dis-ease, illness, mind-chatter, relationships and so much more can throw knotted-up energy into the wheel and energetically clog it. Therefore, it’s essential to pay attention to your chakras and to keep them open in order for a healthy energetic flow to move fluidly throughout your body. When there is a blockage or clog in the chakra wheel, energy is unable to go through without coagulation thereby building up and starting a reaction of fear-based rather than love-based action.

My Services:

Chakra Reading:
A Chakra Reading is an oracle card reading where you can ask a specific question or let the Universe tell you what you need to know to focus on for your healing and ascension. Each Chakra is a portal we can go into and discover the core programming and/or karmic impression(s) in your life; thereby, identifying where to start for a shift in linear experience. A Chakra Reading is the most honest, true, profound view imaginable into your soul.

Chakra Reiki Session: Awaken, Balance & Cleanse
Awaken, Balance & Cleanse is a powerful chakra reiki session I offer which quiets the mind, extracts stress & anxiety, and instills peace & harmony within the energy centers. There is a tangible affect that is felt throughout our mind, bodies, emotions and in our daily lives.

Chakra Talk:
Awaken your chakras with education, guidance and coaching. This is a powerful partnership in intentional creation of long-term change. Learning about each individual chakra’s essential components will help you understand where you’re sourcing energy from, how it’s affecting you, which will help you to understand what is happening in your healing sessions, and then shift your perception, which will unlock new levels of your overall experience moving forward.

Metaphysical Teaching:
Metaphysics is a vast universe of modalities and systems in which to learn and align with. An introduction to the many modalities and healings being offered may help determine which ones call to you. Once experienced and used as tools in our personal lives, many of these teachings and journeys help to deepen our understanding, feed the soul-search, and allow us to have fun on this adventure called life.

Law of Attraction Coaching:
Do you wonder how are you getting what you’re getting in life? Experiencing the same things over and over? Attracting the same partnership types? Feel like you’re not even close to where you wanted to be in life or career? Maybe it’s time to choose to have some support, guidance and coaching unlocking a re-route to point you in the right direction.

Signature “Wholistic” Living Guidance:
“Wholistic” healing is about tapping into and consuming an intentional whole-soul existence with the natural living Earth and engaging in a reciprocal energy exchange with it all. What seasonal seeds are you planting and how are you tending to your garden? Is it time to plant one? Be gently and mindfully guided in recognition…becoming present and aware, feeling your way forward, sensing and hearing the environment…tasting all that a natural “wholistic” life has to offer in its energetic reciprocity, abundance and richness.

Signature Guided Visual Meditation:
Experience a personal guided visual meditation journey of your choice: Shamanic drumming; flowing within a river of love; releasing years of sludge; identify chakra blockage; soaking up solar streams to recharge your Self; go to the fairy forest; meet Goddesses, Angels, Guides, loved ones; and many more. Indulge and submerge your Self in this journey.

Signature Karmic Debris Release:
Karmic impressions print themselves upon us by attaching adult and/or childhood experiences, hidden family contracts or even a past life can imprint a lasting impression on us. Some karmic impressions are negative, however, and I call that “Karmic Debris.” Karmic Debris clogs the chakra wheel at an emotional deep level. So in this session we will use a combination of meditation and energy alignment to rise above the debris making it available to view from a safe distance; thereby also detaching it in order to reveal, heal and release it. Some follow up may be necessary.

Signature “REAL” Session (Reciprocal Energy Alignment & Lift):
Using Hz brainwave entrainment music - channeled frequencies supporting one for their highest good - I will connect with you through an intentional awareness process, tap into and reciprocate energy with you, come into alignment with you, and lift us vibrationally to the chosen frequency.

Multi-Generational Healing:
We come into this world free and pure, but sometime as we grow we learn from the environment and people around us, we take on their stuff and make it ours…the wounding, the failures, the heartbreak, the secrets…and we carry it for a lifetime before we realize we don’t have to. This is deep healing, excavating the heart of the roots, but it’s necessary in the name of individual healing, growth and freedom from taking on what’s not ours.

Mala Prayer Chanting:
Use a True Healers Magic Mala or one of your own and we will chant your prayers, intentions, spells into being with the ancient power and beauty of magical Sanskrit words and affirmations.

Dr. Feel-Good Therapy:
Are you experiencing loneliness, grief, sadness, mild anxiety/depression, or dis-ease? This session offer is intended to help bring you out of a funk. The greatest gift of all is the gift of time. I’d like to be present with you. We can talk, walk, visit, read, play, create art, and more. Let’s just feel good.


“I moved out here over the summer and was looking for someone who does energy work/energy healing that I could trust. Shannon was so pleasant, warm, and kind.”
~ Angela F. Brooklyn NY, November 19th, 2019

“I have not left a review in years, but Shannon is changing that. I am just starting to learn about the healing arts and I am so happy to have found Shannon, her chakra healing and spiritual supportive services…”
~ Gabrielle F. Santa Ana CA, August 21, 2019

“Shannon is amazing. Very kind and I can tell is genuine in her work. Looking forward to more readings.”
~ Anna Lissa C. Torrance CA, March 12, 2018

“Shannon is so personable and connected, you feel genuinely cared for in her coaching. Definitely worth the visit.”
~ Matt L. Redondo Beach CA, April 10th, 2018

Shannon is an “All Chakra Healer” helping you heal you from the first chakra on up. It is a very welcoming sacred experience …”
~ Emma B. Los Angeles CA, July 17, 2017