Tina Toner

Sound Healer

Forgiveness is the starting point of all healings. All healings from physical injury to emotional trauma begin with saying “I forgive”. My healing sessions are deeply rooted in the underlying origin of the pain. Who or what do you need to forgive? Where did this stress come from? These are the questions each client answers before and during their session.

My Mantra: "I will live as a Narnian, even if there is no Narnia"

I am a vaccinated healer!

I didn’t know I was a sound healer until after my Saturn returned in 2019. Growing up very religious, I’ve always been surrounded by the spiritual power of singing and music. But it wasn’t until after I’d earned my degree in audio engineering that I discovered my love and passion for sound healing.
I’ve always known about the spiritual aspects of music and singing. To me, music is the greatest medicine, and sound healing is a holy encounter. My purpose in life is to bridge the gaps between heaven and earth, between spirit and flesh, between people, beliefs, cultures and experiences.
As a deeply sensitive empath, I don’t like seeing anyone tormented by the demons of depression, anxiety and other dis-eases. But instead of being afraid of them, I’ve learned to harness the power of releasing those energies through meditation, prayer and high vibrational sounds.

My Services:

Private session
Couple’s session
Small group session 3-7 participants
Large group session 8+ participants
Each session may include, aroma therapy, pranayama breath work, dhyana meditation, yoga nidra depending on what the client wants.


"This was my first sound bath experience, and I came into the session not knowing what to expect, but also open. Within the first ten minutes, I had a deep sense of safety and peace wash over me. I never got drowsy, as I hear happens sometimes, but I was relaxed enough to actually feel the sound vibrations in the bowl that was sitting on my chest. It was a very cool -- and out-of-the-box -- sensory and spiritual experience. I’d go again!"
- Jonathan, Jan 2021

"I came to my sound bath session with Tina feeling heavy with grief and beaten down by 2020 challenges. The sound meditation she played was one of the first times in weeks I felt my body and brain fully relaxed, to the point where I was able to connect with my heart and again feel the presence of my higher power. With an obvious love and respect for the Divine, Tina is a remarkable holder of sacred space. Her warm, sweet personality nurtures you throughout your healing time together. I highly, highly recommend!"
- Sascha Nicole, Dec 2020

"My experience with Holy Tones has been nothing short of amazing. Tina is a true professional who brings care, skill, and a deep empathy to her work as a sound healer. Every time I've gotten a sound bath, it's been the most rejuvenating experience, and I leave feeling all at once peaceful and free - I even loved my experience so much that I brought my wife back for a couple's sound bath for our anniversary. I highly recommend Tina and the work she does with Holy Tones - it's valuable and essential, especially in the stressful times we live. Try just one session, and I dare you not to become a regular customer as I have!"
- Coburn, Dec 2020