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We are beyond excited to have you on our team. 

This is your welcome packet to kick off your journey as a Healer on our platform! Everything you need to begin onboarding is listed here, so please make sure to read thoroughly you complete all steps. 


Whether you’re looking to make healing a full-time career or changing the world with your gifts one session at a time, all the information you need to set you up for success and flourish is in this slide, so please save this for your reference. 


Let’s begin, and enjoy!

Background Check 

An email invite from Checkr will be sent to the personal email you provided, if you haven’t received this yet you will be soon, please keep an eye out and check your spam if not received. This is where we will run your background check, please fill this out and submit it asap. Once your background check comes back clear we will send you an invite to join the app, so you can complete onboarding. 

Required Documents

Please click here to upload the required documents. 


The following is what we are requesting from you:

  • License or Certificate (if applying for multiple modalities please provide them all). 

  • If you are a ‘Natural Healer’ and don’t obtain a certificate/license, please check the natural healer box on the form.  

  • Proof of Liability Insurance

  • Driver’s license, state ID, or US Passport

  • Proof of Auto Insurance (if you will be driving to appointments)

Please note: If your documents expire, it is your responsibility to upload them here again.

Virtual Healing Sessions

Once you’ve been booked for a virtual appointment by a client, it is your responsibility to reach out to them via the messaging system on the True Healers app to communicate how you’d like to conduct the session. Please make this your priority the moment you receive the notification that you’ve been booked, so they know what to expect. This is also a wonderful opportunity to establish rapport with your client by asking if they have any questions or receiving any intake information.


We’ve included a few virtual meeting platforms below as suggestions:


Zoom (up to 40 minutes free) 

Google Meets (up to 60 minutes free)

FaceTime (Free)

Whatsapp (Free)

Instagram Video (Free)

Facebook Video (Free)

Skype (Free)

The True Healers App

After your background check has come back clear, an invite to the True Healers App will be sent to your personal email provided. In the app you will sign your Healer consultant agreement, Healer Handbook, fill out your bio, modalities and services provided, schedule, payment information and more! You will be able to message True Healers Admin through the app as well as clients.

Healer 1099 Consultant Agreement
& Healer Handbook

During the onboarding process within the app you will be prompted to sign the Holistic Healer Agreement and the Healer Handbook. 


Feel free to read through them both now, so you are ready to sign when you receive the app invite. 

Click the links below to access:


Healer Content Form

We would love to market you and your services to improve your chances of getting you booked!


Please fill out our marketing content form, so that we can feature you on our social channels. It will ask you to upload photos of yourself, short introduction videos and your social media handles so we can tag you on all of our channels.

Click here to access.

Healer Facebook Group

This group was specially created for our Healers for you to get to know our community of Healers, have engaging discussions and company updates. Click the link and select ‘Join Group’ — you will be required to enter a password, the password is AVOCADO.

Click here to join.

Certified True Healer

Congratulations! Once you have completed onboarding, you are officially a Certified True Healer. This means that you are the best of the best and are held to the highest of standards and ethics. You are a part of bringing healing and harmony to all humankind - because of you we can make the world a more peaceful place. 


We are here to support you through your Healing Career, here are few perks to being a True Healer

  • Expert Voice - Access to discounts on brands within the wellness/ health industry (joining instructions in your Healer Handbook)

  • Certified True Healer Logo, you can use this on your own personal website, and more! Click here to access. 

  • Media & Marketing Kit - it will help us market you, and help you market TH. 

  • A community of fellow Healers with like-minded values and goals. 

  • Official True Healers Certification: Write your name  and date of hire in digitally OR print this out and write your name in the blank space. Click here to download.

  • In addition to the links above we also have your Certification, logo & promotional assets located in the Healer Shared Drive, so they are all in one place, easily accessible. Click here to access 


You are responsible for your schedule and are accountable for showing up for your bookings. If you are unable to make the scheduled booking, it’s your responsibility to connect with your client to reschedule. Please realistically set your schedule to reflect what you are available for to ensure the process runs smoothly and with ease for all.

Please note: This packet has important information that you may want to access later. Save the link to this page for your reference OR add it as a bookmark to your browser so you can refer back when needed.

Questions & Communication

Everything you need to onboard as a Healer can be found here so if you have a question, please reference this first! If you are still having trouble, you can email your dedicated Healer manager, Alison Wroe at


Alison is your go-to member of the team that you can reach out with questions, concerns or if you just need to chat about something on your mind. 


We are here for you! Please note, we do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours, with the exception of holidays, and we do our best to respond as timely as humanly possible.

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Now, let’s begin your True Healers journey!


With gratitude,

The True Healers Team