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About Us

It's about time you prioritized your self-care. We're here to help you along the way by taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

Increasing healing and harmony around the world!

Our Story

True Healers was born in 2020 in Los Angeles, California, where our founders reached a crossroads in life. Feeling unfulfilled in their respective careers, they saw the effects that an unfulfilling traditional 9-to-5 had on their everyday lives; stress, anxiety and ultimately burnout They recognized that they spent so much time bending over backwards for others, their own well-being suffered. There had to be a deeper purpose, one that didn’t involve sitting behind a screen for 8+ hours a day.

Taking the leap the pursue other avenues of wellness to help others, they quickly learned the other side of the industry as a wellness professional, one which didn’t provide a sustainable lifestyle, fair pay and sometimes, mistreatment. Could this be the only choice? Either earn a living doing something you didn’t love, or struggle in a career that although brought and purpose joy, felt depleting in other ways and ultimately taking a toll on mental, physical and emotional health. There had to be another way.


After some soul searching and a serendipitous meeting, True Healers developed with the idea that each side could have the best of both worlds. For the consumer: simplified, diversified and accessible wellness through a platform that hand-picked the best Healers. For the Healer: access to limitless clientele, fair pay, career growth opportunities and the tools that give them the freedom to work as much, or as little as they desire—so here we are!

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Our Core Values

Yoga by the Sea


We all deserve to pursue our unique gifts and deepest passions, free from worry about judgement, financial constraints, or outside pressures - to connect to our highest calling.



We value the importance of peeling back the layers of societal programming, our individual traumas, and the status quo - to find our best and truest self.


We acknowledge that giving, receiving, and holding space for one another will raise the frequency of the collective consciousness. Let's level up together!


We value diversity in every way, whether it be religious, racial, disabilities and/or sexual orientation as well as ideas, experiences, and modalities and the open-mindedness necessary to expand your perspective.


What we do for you

We made the process of booking quality, expert holistic health practitioners in massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture, yoga and more simple—do it in moments right from your phone and enjoy your service from the comfort of your home (or virtually) in as soon as 24 hours.

  • HSA and FSA accepted

  • Perfect for your next event

  • Certified True Healers all background and interviewed by us

  • Endless choices for the same cost

  • Safe and secure platform 

  • Simple, convenient, personalized process

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Work With Us

Looking to become a True Healer or be a part of our ever-expanding team?

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