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In person services are available in Los Angeles and Virtual is available anywhere!

* in-person only services 


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A system of integrative medicine that involves pricking the skin or tissues with needles, used to alleviate pain and to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Currently this modality is only available on the app in Los Angeles. 

Akashic Record Reading

This type of reading comes from theosophy and anthroposophy, and involves accessing the Akashic records – a comprehensive collection of all events, intentions, and emotions that have ever occurred for all entities and life forms, not just humans. By delving into these records, you can gain valuable insights and information to help guide your life and make informed decisions.

Animal Reiki

A unique and compassionate healing modality that combines traditional Japanese techniques with animals to create a peaceful, stress-free environment. Through meditation and other healing practices, Animal Reiki promotes relaxation, harmony, balance, and overall well-being for both animals and humans. By treating animals as equal partners in the healing process, this approach creates a safe, supportive space for animals to move freely during the session.

Angel Intuitive

An angel reading provides divine guidance and gentle encouragement through a positive and uplifting experience. An angel intuitive relies on higher beings to guide their interpretation. Learn about your guardian angels who protect, guide, support, and love you throughout your life.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology (AK), also known as muscle strength testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. Practitioners contend that by correcting this muscle weakness, you can help heal a problem in the associated internal organ.


During an astrology reading, your astrologer will analyze your birth chart and interpret how the planetary positions and movements can influence your life. This helps to identify key themes and patterns to gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth.


Ayurveda is a system of medicine based on the idea that disease is caused by an imbalance or stress in a person's consciousness. The traditional Hindu system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing.


Breathwork is an ancient and powerful mind-body practice that involves conscious, intentional breathing techniques to improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Focusing on and regulating our breath allows us to tap into our innate healing potential, reduce stress, and foster a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner balance. 


Using a regular deck of standard playing cards, Cartomancy works similarly to Tarot readings to provide insight into your past, present, and future. By unlocking the secrets of the cards, Cartomancy can help you gain valuable insights and guidance to navigate life's challenges.


This powerful form of mediumship allows you to receive thoughts and energy from a source believed to be outside your body or conscious mind. By opening yourself up to these messages, you can gain a greater understanding of your purpose, relationships, and life path.

Chiropractic Medicine*

A natural and non-invasive way to relieve pain and improve your overall well-being, this type of therapy uses hands-on manipulation to adjust the spine and other parts of the body, helping to alleviate discomfort and improve function. Currently this modality is only available on the app in Los Angeles. 

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing honors that crystals hold Earth's electromagnetic properties and can be harnessed to support healing and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. Crystal healing involves using specific crystals and stones to help facilitate this healing process, whether through placement on the body, wearing as jewelry, or incorporating them into meditation or other healing practices.

Dance/Movement Therapy

A creative and embodied way to support your mental and physical health, this modality uses movement and dance as a form of psychotherapy to enhance intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of the body. By engaging your body in this holistic approach to healing, you can tap into your inner wisdom and find greater balance and well-being.

Doula (Birth-work)

A supportive and empowering nurturer of the birth experience, these trained professionals provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support during each phase of pregnancy. Working with them will help you achieve the healthiest and most satisfying childbirth experience possible while tapping into the wealth of knowledge and resources they provide.

EFT Tapping
Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. EFT practitioners believe a tapping practice can create a balance in your body, your energy system, and treat pain.


Health Coaching

Consider working with a Health Coach when you are ready to transform your health and well-being. These experts in human behavior, motivation, and health serve as powerful change agents to help you set and achieve your health goals.

Holistic Healing

Holistic Medicine is a powerful approach to healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - in the pursuit of optimal health and well-being. Rather than simply treating symptoms, Holistic Medicine addresses the underlying root causes of health issues to promote lasting healing and balance.



Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses hypnosis to help individuals achieve a state of deep relaxation and increased focus. During hypnosis, the therapist guides the person into a trance-like state, in which the person is more receptive to positive suggestions and can explore their subconscious mind to uncover and address underlying issues or concerns. Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, stress, phobias, and even physical pain. It is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that can help individuals achieve greater self-awareness, gain insights into their behavior and thought patterns, and ultimately lead to positive changes in their lives.

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings can explore the layers of your aura, past life moments, your astral body, and other spiritual and energetic information that may be influencing your life as a spirit now in the present time. Readings and healings can be tailored to focus on a relationship, your present time path as a spirit, your career, a past life, or the alignment between your spirit and your body. 

Life Coaching

Life coaches work with functioning individuals who are looking to create a pathway to setting and achieving goals. Whether it is work, personal or family, coaches act as unbiased thinking partners and hold their clients accountable through regular coaching sessions.

Massage Therapy*

If you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, or improved athletic performance through physical touch this healing modality utilizes a wide range of techniques and styles, including deep tissue massage and stretching, to release tension and improve mobility. Currently this modality is only available on the app in Los Angeles. 

Meditation is a powerful practice that involves training the mind to focus and achieve a state of inner peace and calm. By using techniques such as mindfulness, concentration, and visualization, practitioners can learn to quiet the mind and cultivate greater awareness and emotional stability.


Mediumship is a spiritual practice in which a person acts as a conduit between the physical world and the spirit realm. Mediums are believed to communicate with spirits and entities beyond the physical plane, and can use their gifts to help individuals connect with loved ones who have passed away. Whether you're seeking closure, guidance, or a deeper connection to the spiritual world, Mediumship can be a powerful tool for exploring the mysteries of life and death.  

Naturopathy/Alternative Medicine

Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine that employs various treatment approaches to promote natural healing in the body. Naturopathic practitioners may recommend dietary and lifestyle changes, stress reduction, herbal supplements, homeopathy, manipulative therapies, exercise therapy, practitioner-guided detoxification, and psychotherapy and counseling. They may also refer patients to conventional healthcare providers if necessary.



Nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition who can help individuals create and implement healthy dietary plans. They use their knowledge of nutrition to evaluate and advise on the health effects of food and dietary choices. They work with individuals to identify areas of improvement in their diets, and provide education and support to help them achieve their health goals.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a modality that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are done via a licensed professional who creates and delivers safe, effective exercise programs. They often work with apparently healthy individuals and groups, or those with medical clearance to exercise.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful healing method that uses life energy or "prana" to help the body heal itself. By removing blockages and balancing the flow of energy in the body, Pranic Healing can promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being.


Psychics are spiritual guides who use their intuition and extrasensory perception to provide insight and guidance to their clients. They may use tools like tarot cards or crystals to aid in their readings, and can provide information on topics like relationships, career, and spiritual growth. Through their work, psychics aim to help individuals gain clarity and a deeper understanding of themselves and their life path.



Qigong (pronounced "chi-gong") is a centuries-old energy practice that aims to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit through specific exercises and movements. It is considered an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine, and practitioners believe it can improve health and wellness by enhancing the flow of vital energy or "Qi" within the body.

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing combines mind-body medicine, quantum physics, and Eastern medicine to suggest that individuals can heal their mind, body, and spirit through the process of shifting energy and clearing physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages and patterns. The technique is based on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and that past traumas can affect a person's current state of being.

Quantum Hypnosis

Quantum hypnosis is an alternative healing method that uses visualization to induce a trance state and help individuals access their subconscious mind. By doing so, QHHT practitioners believe they can assist clients in releasing negative emotions and energy blockages, ultimately leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The technique is based on the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and that past traumas can affect a person's current state of being.



Reiki healing is a holistic healing practice that originated in Japan. It involves the transfer of energy from the practitioner's palms to the patient's body to help balance the body's energy and promote healing. Reiki is believed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall well-being.

Sex, Relationship, & Self Love Coaching

Sex, relationship, and self-love coaching is a personalized coaching program aimed at helping individuals develop a positive and healthy relationship with their body, build conscious partnerships, and address any issues related to trauma or abuse. A certified coach in this area helps clients explore and liberate their sexual expression, and make empowered sexual choices. With this coaching, individuals can improve their self-confidence, communication skills, and overall well-being in their personal relationships.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and energetic practice that involves working with the spirit world to facilitate healing and balance in the individual. The shamanic healer may use a variety of techniques, such as journeying, soul retrieval, and energy clearing, to help the individual overcome physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges.


Sound Healing

Sound healing is a holistic therapy that uses sound frequencies to promote healing and relaxation. It involves the use of various instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks, to create vibrations that can balance and harmonize the body and mind. Sound healing is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and improve overall well-being.


Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching involves integrating spirituality into a traditional coaching relationship, where a coach guides clients to find inner happiness, peace, and harmony. This coaching approach supports individuals in their journey towards personal growth and helps them discover their own sense of wholeness through spiritual practices and principles. With a focus on mindfulness, meditation, and self-reflection, spiritual coaching aims to empower individuals to connect with their inner selves and lead a more fulfilling life.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is an ancient practice that uses a deck of cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future. It can provide guidance and clarity on relationships, career, finances, and personal growth. A skilled tarot reader can interpret the symbols and archetypes within the cards to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their lives and make more informed decisions.

The Body Code

The Body Code™ is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system, intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit — so you can have the opportunity to make corrections right on the spot. It was developed to help address a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by removing energy blockages that may be causing these imbalances. 

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a technique used to release trapped emotions that may be causing physical and emotional discomfort. The method involves identifying and clearing negative emotions that are stored in the body's energy field. This process aims to restore balance, improve health, and enhance overall well-being.


Theta Healing 

Theta Healing is a meditation technique that uses a combination of focused thought and prayer to access the subconscious mind and make positive changes. It is based on the belief that negative beliefs and emotions can be released and replaced with positive ones, allowing for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Theta Healing can be used to address a variety of issues, including physical health problems, relationship challenges, and career and financial difficulties using the connection to the Theta brain wave. 

Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching

Wellness and lifestyle coaching is a type of coaching that focuses on helping individuals make positive changes in their lives. A wellness coach helps clients set achievable goals related to health and well-being, and then provides guidance and support as they work to achieve those goals. This type of coaching often includes support in areas such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and self-care.

Wiccan Ritual Healing

Wicca ritual healing is a form of alternative medicine that draws on the power of nature and the divine to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Through the use of rituals, spells, and herbs, Wiccan healers work to align their clients with the natural rhythms of the universe and promote physical and spiritual wellness. Wicca ritual healing can help individuals overcome physical ailments, emotional blockages, and spiritual imbalances, and cultivate a deeper connection to the divine.


Yoga is an ancient practice that combines physical postures, breath control, and meditation to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It has gained popularity in recent years as a way to improve flexibility, strength, and relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels, making it an accessible and versatile form of exercise.


Yoga - Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on breathwork, meditation, and physical postures to balance and awaken the body's energy centers. It is believed to help individuals reach a higher state of consciousness, improve physical health, and reduce stress and anxiety. Practitioners often incorporate mantras and mudras to deepen their practice and connect with the divine.

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