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Meet our Tarot Readers!

Myles Tufts.jpg
Myles Tufts.jpg

Myles Tufts

Tarot Reading

Service: Life Story Reading

"After years as a professional astrologer, I had a mystical experience in 2019 which gave me the ability to use Tarot. Recently I've incorporated sound healing in the Celtic tradition of my ancestors. I look forward to helping you on your journey!"

Artemis Lore.jpg

Artemis Lore

Tarot Reading

Service: Phone Readings

"Artemis Lore is a Life Overview Tarot Card Reader and Psychic Counselor. 
Her ability to channel messages from Spirit Guides is one of her many talents. 

Practitioner of Blessings and Healing Practices, as well as a light worker who offers guidance."

Artemis Lore.jpg
Thea Rosemary.jpg

Thea Rosemary

Tarot Reading

Service: Private Events/Individual Session/Couples Reading

"Utilizing the energy of Mother Earth herself, I utilize Tarot to tell the stories our spirits sing to us, but we may be unable to initially translate ourselves. I also work with herbalism, astrology, and symbols in readings to unlock the tales of Tarot."

Nashuwah Abdulmaged

Tarot Reading

Service: Know Thyself/Ancestral/Yearly

"I am a Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, Kemet is the original name of Egypt, this is my direct lineage. This is derived from temple walls, inclusive of energetic, emotional, and physical healing achieved by way of energy, sound, color & crystal therapy!"✨

Nashuwah Abdulmaged.jpg
Ashley Nash.jpg

Ashley Nash

Tarot Reading

Service: Tarot/Oracle

"A quiet mind brings much needed peace in an otherwise chaotic world. My hope is through our Reiki sessions you’ll be able to navigate the chaos with a bit more balance and strength."

Piper Durabo

Tarot Reading

Service: 30-min Tarot/60-min Tarot

"Piper is an intuitive tarot reader of 15 years here to offer guidance and clarity in any area of your life that you are seeking it. She also enjoys practicing reiki, composing synthesizer-based sound healing suites, and hanging with her dog Froggy."

Piper Durabo.jpg
Priestess of Divine.jpg

Priestess of Divine

Tarot Reading

Service: Oracle

"Priests of Divine is a high elven medicine mage with a Masters Degree in Divinity, a spiritual counseling certificate, and an ordained minister of the Wisdom of the Heart Church. Life is ritual, and I am here to hold the divine container for yours."

Maxine Davis

Tarot Reading

Service: Intuitive Card Reading

"As an intuitive guide, I am here to shine a light on the beautiful gifts that reside within my clients. My goal through holding and sharing space is to inspire personal evolution as you continue on this colorful journey called life."

Maxine Davis.jpg
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