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Organic Growing & Gardening
  • Organic Growing & Gardening

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     In a study called Forbidden Fruit, conducted by the Environmental Working Group, which studied 42 fruits and vegetables, it was found that these were contaminated by 66 different illegal pesticides, making them unsafe for consumption. Illegal pesticides are not pesticides that are not supposed to be used. They become illegal owing to the quantity used. Imagine consuming such a high quantity of pesticides. The solution, therefore, is to grow your own organic food! It’s simple, foolproof, and you can rest assured about the quality. 

    This ebook includes the following:

  • What is Organic Gardening?

  • Creating Productive Soil

  • Layout for a Productive Garden

  • Benefits of Organic Gardening

  • Square Foot Gardening

  • Synergistic Planting

  • Companion Planting

  • Vegan Gardening

  • Wildlife Gardening

  • Organic Gardening Maintenance

  • Pollination and Gardening

  • Beneficial Insects

  • Composting and Natural Fertilizers

  • Seed Swapping

  • Sustainability and Your Organic Garden

  • And More!

    Did you know that gardening organically helps in the preservation of the top soil and therefore contributes to the health of the environment? Vegetables grown organically by you are a lot safer for you and your family. They are safer than the organic vegetables available in the market. Growing your own vegetables is not as difficult as it sounds. And the rewards are worth the efforts!


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