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The Essence of Buddhism
  • The Essence of Buddhism

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    The aim of this book was to show Buddhism as a moral force, bringing together a selection of beautiful sentiments, lofty maxims, and
    particularly including some of those which inculcate mercy to the lower animals.

    This wonderful collection of passages, mostly to the Oriental origins, are referenced from such works as: Sanskrit Buddhist Literature of Nepal by Rajendralala Mitra; Mahavamsa by L. C. Wijesinha; Attanagalu-vansa by James D'Alwis; Archaeological Survey of Southern India vol. 1 by James Burgess, with
    translations by Georg Buhler; Sutta-Nipata by Sir M. Coomara Swamy; and many more.

    "All beings desire happiness; therefore to all extend your benevolence."—Mahavamsa.

    "Because he has pity upon every living creature, therefore is a man called 'holy.'"—Dhammapada.

    "My teaching is this, that the slightest act of charity, even in the lowest class of persons, such as saving the life of an insect out of pity, that this act ... shall bring to the doer of it consequent benefit."—T'sa-ho-hom-king.


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