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Group Sound Baths and Kemetic Reiki Sessions:

The holiday season is arguably the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate

togetherness and connection to our loved ones. Amidst the hustle and bustle, exploring

alternative ways to bond with each other can really deepen our connections and create

new cherished memories we can keep for a lifetime. Group sound baths and Kemetic

Reiki sessions offer unique opportunities to connect on a deeper level while nurturing

collective well-being.

Group Sound Baths & Kemetic Reiki

Group sound baths immerse participants in a symphony of healing vibrations from various sound instruments; inducing relaxation, promoting harmony and bringing in balance and an ability to feel grounded and truly present in your body and with those around you.

Kemetic Reiki, rooted in ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) wisdom, utilizes universal life force energy to restore balance and vitality and aids participants in releasing old stagnant energies and blockages.

Group sessions foster a sense of unity and shared energy among participants. They create a supportive environment, encouraging openness, relief, ease, and mutual healing, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved. Sound is a unifying force. It transcends language and barriers, allowing participants to connect on a profound level. The vibrations from sound baths and the harmonizing energy of Kemetic Reiki create a safe and sacred space to deepen bonding experiences with our family and friends.

Taking a pause from the holiday rush to prioritize collective relaxation and rejuvenation

is vital. Incorporating group sound baths or group Kemetic Reiki sessions as intentional

activities will create lasting memories that may inspire a new family/friend tradition to

enjoy and look forward to.

Healing individually leads to a more healed community and healing with community leads to a more healed world.

These sessions offer a plethora of benefits, including reduced stress, increased

relaxation, and a sense of emotional closeness among participants. They deepen

relationships by fostering empathy, understanding, and mutual support. We could all

use some of that! We could all benefit from more ease, more love, more compassion

and a deeper sense of closeness with the ones we love.

If you're exploring new ways of how to share time and love with your family and friends, I truly encourage incorporating these sessions & healing tools into holiday traditions - a new approach and space for bonding, or an enriching experience to gift to those you know who could benefit from these healing experiences. They offer an opportunity to strengthen and renew bonds and add to your mental scrapbook of cherished memories.

Post-session activities like sharing experiences or engaging in reflective conversations can enhance your connections all the more!

Group sound baths and Kemetic Reiki sessions may be new to you and your loved ones,

which makes it a wonderful and unique opportunity to connect in new ways during the

holidays, creating truly special memories that transcend the season.

Tis’ the season, be Rudolph and lead the pack with your light!

Written by Nashuwah Abdulmaged "The Womb Priestess" for True Healers


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