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Do We Really Need Wellness Programs In The Workplace?

In recent years, health and wellness have colored our personal lives and professional lives. Tons of companies like Thrive Market, Fandango, and Fab Fit Fun offer some form of corporate wellness program ranging from step-counting competitions, discounted gym memberships, group yoga, lifestyle seminars, various food programs, and more!

If you're an employer wondering about the benefits of implementing wellness programs in your workplace, we can tell you there are many!

Healthy Employees Could Mean More Accountability

Everyone knows it's much harder to skip a workout if your gym buddy is waiting for you in the car. The same idea applies here. In one study, gym-goers had a 65 percent chance of completing a goal if they told someone else about it. Those chances of success rose to 95 percent if they committed to meeting up with that person in real life.

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There’s a Link Between Health and Productivity

When we feel good, we do good. It's pretty simple, but here are some facts to drive it home: A Global Wellness Institute survey found that 70-80 percent of U.S. companies believe wellness programs reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Another survey found that when U.S. employees feel physically or mentally unwell, it affects many aspects of their work performance. 62% say it affects their ability to get work done, and 63% say it affects their work engagement. Employers and their employees are not robots (at least not yet); therefore, they must be cared for in a way that takes into account their mental and physical health.

Taking care of your employees doesn’t go unnoticed. Letting them know you care about their physical and mental health allows them to feel seen. When they feel seen, they know that someone who cares is watching and are more likely to provide quality work.

Finding the Right Wellness Program for the Workplace

When it comes to finding a wellness program for your workplace, there are tons of digital platforms out there that offer programs like on-demand meditation or yoga classes. Programs must be accessible, convenient, and employees must actually be interested in what’s offered. Finding the right fit for your employees needs isn’t one-size fits all.

True Healers offers the freedom for individuals to choose from more than 25+ different healing experiences such as massage therapy, yoga, personal training, sound healing, wellness coaching and more, delivered right to your employees’ home, your office headquarters or through virtual sessions.

They can book a session instantly at a time that fits their busy schedule, and can choose to pay with their HSA or FSA account offered by a corporate subscription. It’s preventative and holistic healthcare, simplified with a turnkey solution, customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Want to bring True Healers to your workplace? Visit our corporate wellness page and let us know!

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