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Rejuvenate Your Energy: Kemetic Reiki Clearing and Healing for a Fresh Start in the New Year:

The dawn of a new year often inspires reflection and a desire for renewal. At times we all feel like we need to hit the reset button on life and while we can do this at any time, why not ctrl+alt+delete the things we don’t want to take into the New Year while the collective energy is focused on this shift. I want to mention that while we are celebrating the onset of a new yearly cycle the earth’s energy’s and therefor our energies are prime in winter. So, while it’s great to begin setting intentions and visualizing what we want to bring in this upcoming year it will be extremely helpful to be gentle with yourself, allow time for the old energies of 2023 to CLEAR out fully and do the inner work to create space for rebirth and newness. Know that this new energy will most be supported to be birthed in the upcoming spring. One very powerful way to embrace and prepare for this

fresh start is through Kemetic Reiki, an ancient healing practice rooted in Kemetic

(Egyptian) spirituality. This holistic approach not only clears energetic blockages but

also revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit.

Understanding Kemetic Reiki

Kemetic Reiki is a healing modality that merges Reiki principles with ancient Egyptian wisdom. At its core lies the belief in channeling universal life force energy (known as "ka") to promote healing and balance. Kemet is the original name of Egypt and this healing form is a channeled practice birthed from ancient wisdom, tradition, pyramid and temple hieroglyphs and sacred texts. Kemetic reiki is for all those who feel called and drawn to the experience, it is not meant for those who feel no resonance with this healing modality. Your experience will be greatly supported when you have reverence for the ancient ones who’ve granted us access to this sacred healing art.

The Power of Clearing and Healing

Kemetic Reiki sessions aid in releasing stagnant energy and emotional baggage

accumulated over time. The practice focuses on cleansing the energy centers

(aritu/chakras) to restore harmony and vitality. There are additional approaches to

sessions for more extensive healing needs such as emotional/trauma release,

releasing energetic attachments that are not serving your greatest good, clearing and

bringing balance to the energy within your home or work space and harmonizing your

energy with your desires.

Preparing for a New Beginning

A Kemetic Reiki clearing and healing session can help individuals shed old patterns and

limiting beliefs. This paves the way for entering the new year with a refreshed mind and

spirit, ready to embrace positive change. Kemetic Reiki offers you an energetic

upgrade, a spiritual reset and an unloading of the energetic baggage you may have

acquired navigating the wonderful and sometimes arduous journey of life.

Benefits of a Kemetic Reiki Session for the New Year

Post-session, individuals often experience mental clarity and emotional rejuvenation.

This practice fosters a sense of renewal, empowering individuals to set intentions and

goals for the upcoming year. Kemetic reiki empowers you to become an active

participant in tending to your garden of wellness. You will have clarity in the actions

needed to maintain the balance brought into your being from the Kemetic Reiki

experience. Numerous individuals have found profound shifts and transformations

through Kemetic Reiki. Their experiences showcase how these sessions have helped

them embark on new beginnings with clarity and purpose.

Kemetic Reiki may be just what you at your core are seeking for a fresh start. Consider

embracing this ancient healing practice as you embark on your journey toward a

revitalized self in the coming year.

Written by Nashuwah Abdulmaged "The Womb Priestess" for True Healers


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