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True Healers Astrology Forecast: December 2021

Chily, long autumn nights sprinkle into a sensitive revealing and heavy end to this season. Normally a light-hearted jolly energy fills the air but as we shift out of the lunar eclipse at the end of November and into a solar eclipse on December 4th, we can expect quantum leaps. It’s an emotional rollercoaster as layers shed and volatile vibrations rise up to be let go of.

It's a prime time to surrender and let go.

Happy Solar Return Sagittarius! It would be wise to wrap up loose ends this week before we prepare to launch the archer’s arrow towards our future goals. Finish projects, end chapters, let go of what is weighing you down and watch your karma and dharma shift.

As winter approaches it is our grieving period to reflect, feel, and sit with all that has happened since 2020. A time to look back, so we may gain the strength to look forward when spring arises. Arrow’s to the sky and caution to the wind.

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Check out what this Saggitarius Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - Something spiritual is shifting within you. It may be a perfect time to start a spiritual practice and connect to greater forces at play. Firecracker may be an understatement as you may feel full of playful energy. Use this energy wisely and focus it on balancing work and play.

Taurus - Anticipate a healthy amount of social encounters especially intimate or romantic ones. You will have magnetic energy this month so make sure to have a filter of who you let in your magic kingdom. Primetime to declutter, and remove the items you are hoarding. Yes, it’s a strong word but there is an opportunity the cosmos wish to grant you but the material sacrifice must come first.

Gemini - Focus on your purpose this month and harness the full moon power to propel you even further. If you’ve been pondering about raising your prices or asking for a raise now is the time. A superb financial time for you and many blessings will shower you. Keep your vibration in a state of calmness and gratitude to receive them.

Cancer - How does your body feel? It’s a great time to examine your physical health and routines. Especially with many different kinds of celebrations in fall and winter, your sweet tooth will be flooded. Examine moderation, but take the apple of the pie and enjoy it!

Leo - Slow down and finish those to-do lists. Clean and reorganize your work zone. It may be a good time to pick up on that workout routine or start the exercise program. Stress can affect your physical health so keep it balanced and ignite your lion-like self-discipline.

Virgo - The energy of abundance felt shriveled up this season, but coming to this new moon your economic challenges may smoothen out and start to stabilize. It’s primetime for mega manifestation, so practice visualizing and allowing your internal voice to be positive, soft, and encouraging. The limits are always set by you, don’t focus on the outcome or you’ll manifest one you may not want, focus on the journey at hand. Embrace some unexpected emotional breakthroughs as well.

Libra - There will be a multitude of financial peaks for you this month so manage your spending or your gains may equal the loss. Venus goes retrograde so beware of miscommunication involving romance and lots of confusion or misinterpretation. Communication is key and being careful of falling for first impressions as air signs can tend to lean on someone’s cover rather than opening up their book first.

Scorpio - Clarifty on health and wellness has finally come to the surface. This past lunar eclipse has brought some painful truth to the surface but it is necessary to move forward. It will feel like two-step backward but the path ahead is now more stable and clear than ever. Coming down from the transformational birthday high it will be a great time to focus on your purpose powerful phoenix. Let yourself sit in the ashes of the past eighteen months to absorb the lessons, triumphs you experienced while letting go of what you cannot change or control. Do this and the future will seem like a new reality for you.

Sagittarius - Catapult yourself into this month during the new moon in your sign. It’s time to take action! What do you want? As you let go of the past year and a half you’ll start to feel it’s time to load your arrow in your bow to point it high in the sky towards your dreams. Remember to stay cautioned, become in tune with the wind by locking into your intuition to know when to let go of your arrow. It’s a great month for romance by planning fun and flirty dates. Enjoy yourself this month and treat yourself to something indulging.

Capricorn - Wow, you’ve been on a long twenty four-month spiritual journey and now your inner growth will finally become visible. Saturn has relocated to your sign for the next two years which will be a challenge for every other sign but you. You will feel an immense power and natural reflex with your Capricorn-like abilities. It’s also a season for nurturing friendships and calling in new ones.

Aquarius - Networking month! This will aid within your professional field and create some inspiration by conversing with others’ minds. New interests and hobbies are starting to percolate as you find some excitement with this curious yet optimistic fiery energy December has to offer. A lot of information and clarification will come in during the tail end of the month to clarify some unanswered conundrums.

Pisces - Concentrate and stay focused until the end of the month. Cut out all distractions and put the pedal to the metal. Now is the time, don’t let things sit on the shelf and collect dust. Ideas can live and die within your head. Tie up all the loose ends, finish projects, and end unnecessary chapters of wasted energy now. This month will be the launchpad you’ve been building so by the end of winter you can gear up for launch. The key remind is to make important decisions during the day with a clear, clean, and focused mind.

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