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True Healers Astrology Forecast: February 2022

We have emerged from a thunderous rainstorm of howling winds, bright lightning strikes, and unforeseen floods. Now we stand in the aftermath, peering over the chaos and destruction. We pause this moment to take it all in. The sun starts to peek through the lingering clouds, and there! ...over the death of an old experience, above a lesson disguised as a challenge is a magnificent rainbow.


And here we are, on the other side with our gained perspective.

What a time to be alive. Endless timelines and marvelous possibilities.

A true visionary human experience!

Astro Affirmation

”I am boundless, trapped by no box, held by no standard, pinned by no label, unwavered by any limit!”

Monthly Astro-Hashtag

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Astro Education

Aquarius is ruled by the 11th astrological house. There are twelve astrological houses, each ruled by a different astrological sign. The eleventh house represents your community, humanity, friends and social circles. Emphasizing how you share your space with these people throughout your life. It also highlights how you fit into business, social, family groups and their dynamics.

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Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries - This month will hold lessons and feelings of self truth. What feels positive and what feels negative. What is draining your energy and what is feeding your fire? It is a month to live, be blissful and enjoy being alive. Gratitude will aid you this month to recenter you as the navigation of choices emerge.

Taurus - Do you remember to pause and appreciate all that you have? As spring encroaches it's a time for sifting through your physical world to take account of what you have excess of, and the dead weight you may be carrying into this year. Reflect on all that you can let go of as it can shift the heaviness of the world from your shoulders.

Gemini - Believe in yourself. For you are the wizard, the butterfly and a master of magick. Pour your intention and anchor your focus onto the positive aspects of your journey. The negative aspects are merely distractions and lessons gained. Don’t let them become sandbags, for you need to fiercely fly this month. Even bravery can become a costume we grow into. Mercury, your ruling planet, stations direct (out of retrograde) this month so events and obstacles will slowly start to smoothen out all around especially for you.

Cancer - Gander at all of your bountiful beautiful blessings around you. When we are reminded of our non-physical treasures, it can clear the air of uncertainty and doubt when wanting to embark on new achievements. How do you handle daily challenges? Calm and focused energy creates mental discipline to react with clarity. Take time to process things month, to digest information, and react when you feel truly ready.

Leo - What is the difference between faith and hope? Hope is hoping you won’t get burnt when leaping over a fire. Faith is knowing you won’t get burnt when leaping over a fire. This month will test your faith and require you to fully activate it. When it seems like the time to give up, it is actually the time to push through. Not everybody recognises the signs of a bonus round. Resilience is your cheerleader this month. If you sit out of this round, you may bypass some life changing opportunities my friend.

Virgo - It would be wise to gather information, gain perspective and listen before crafting a view on an opportunity or outcome. It will be key to absorb, retain, digest then react. Precision and premeditation are essential tools to utilize. Practice learning all positions and views before crafting your decision. Think, think and think before you judge this month. A book is always more than its cover, even to the keenest eye.

Libra - This month may feel a tad slow for you, like things are happening quick enough. Sometimes actions take time to shift circumstances and unfold behind the scenes. Have steady patience this month. Remind yourself how far you come and that time will inevitably play out according to divine plan. We are not in control, but we are always in charge. Charge through, and try your best even during the mundane moments. There is always an opportunity to climb up after every plateau.

Scorpio - A survivor's spirit and resilient attitude will aid you in persevering through this month's challenges, hardships and or obstacles. Working overtime is an understatement, as it will feel as though there are not enough hours in the day this month. Letting go of control may open up new unforeseen doors and present solutions to situations. Focus on your journey this month and not the outcome. Worrying won’t change the outcome but only distract your focus and drain your energy. Accept your fears and remind yourself they are conquerable.

Sagittarius - Harmony, peace and joy. These are the energies you desire to anchor into this month. Beware of when you are walking on eggshells, for those people or triggering emotions can aid you in unpacking lessons to focus on. These lessons once learned can unlock blockages to remember your happiness. This full moon can be harnessed to propel any new project, business, or idea you’d like to share with the world! Shine like the ancient sun you are this month.

Capricorn - Mind over matter is this month's key phrase. There is more than normally reminiscing and reflection happening this month. Reflecting on your entire life, career path, children, home life and partnerships. It’s important to remember our journey, but when we start to pull it apart, dissect it, and analyse it can lead to feelings rooted in fear such as regret. Regret is not a word that finds its way into your vocabulary but lately there is a heavy mental and emotional world colliding within you. Accept the past, enjoy the present and remember you can always shift the future.

Aquarius - Be bold and brave this month because it’s your time to shine during your season. Remember to give attention to the details as much as you do to the big perspective. If the small things aren’t done correctly the large things will unravel as a whole. Keep a sharp wit, and keen eye this month. Reanalyze, rethink, recalculate, and look before you leap.

Pisces - This month could anchor in a stream of abundance, success and recognition. A new level of freedom awaits you. It might be wise to not overshare, show all your cards or give out free information about yourself. The spotlight can bring positive reactions and negative ones. The negative ones will distract you by tilting you off center. Strong mental discipline and keeping your eye on the prize will blast you through this month's roller coaster.

New Moon in Aquarius

This Aquarius new moon starts Tuesday February 1 (12:45 AM ET / JAN 31st 9:45 PM PT), launching this month’s energy with the Lunar new year. The lunar new year brings a transitional time in the Chinese Zodiac, as we shift into the year of the Water Tiger. Kicking through this month’s door with some bold, brave, bright action taking energy will surely aid you in manifesting what you truly want. With planets stationing out of retrograde this month we can truly feel our footing again and momentum as we gear up for major leaps. This is a key time for vision boards, and focusing on your year’s goals!

Did you know our expert Healer and astrologer Gigi, Priestess of Divine, offers a vision board scroll and workshop? Book a session with her today

Full Moon in Leo

The Leo full moon enters this month on Wednesday February 14th (11:56 AM ET/8:56 AM PT). This full moon switches on the spotlight shimmering and reflecting in the areas of your life you desire to shine in. Feel the optimistic outlook of this lunar energy. How can you level up and aim higher. Utilize this time to reflect, focus, strategize, aim and take action!

During this full moon Venus and Mars come to a harmonious conjunction manifesting balance and bringing us into a state of alignment. This can aid us in striking when the iron is hot and having an advantage on the playing field of our life.

Extraordinary Transit

On February 22, 2022 until 2024 the United States of America will be having its first Pluto Return. This means Pluto will be returning to the exact same position of the zodiac where it was when The United States of America was born on July 4th, 1776. This “birth” of course was when the declaration of independence was signed in Philadelphia, PA. It is important to acknowledge, and be aware that Native Americans had been living on this land long before this date and the birth chart of the USA. Pluto returns take 247 odd years to occur. Pluto is represented by rebirth, death, transformation, and deep power. We could witness major shifts in laws, government structures eroding , light shining on the shadows by exposing deep corruption, power struggles, conflicts with other countries, over-throwing forces, shifting of allies, gaining of independence, rebalancing dynamics, taboo ideas and unconventional archetypes leading the way. Nothing changes if you're comfortable. So hold on tight as we prepare for harsh, agonizing waters ahead which will rebirth this country as we know it.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine' 2022. Book an astrology session with her today!

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