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True Healers Astrology: October 2023

Scroll down to find your sun sign + October 2023 Astrology!

As we shift out of the full harvest moon frequencies there's a powerful emphasis on excitement and directional momentum. A powerful eclipse portal emphasizes the way towards our transformation crescendo for this year. An exciting time to let go of all of this year's challenges and tremulous conflicts, only carrying the lessons and enlightenment from these past cycles. Surrender to the spotlight which may be illuminating the road to reclaiming any and all personal power. Ignite your inner fire with deep gratitude to all the versions of yourself that got you to this point in time. Enjoy the fruits of your summer harvests as we enter in these new seasonal transitions. The veils are extremely thin this month and year. A time for powerful magical and spiritual opportunities.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries - Letting go of the past is the theme. Kicking open the door to this month with a full moon in your fiery sign. This may propel anything you choose to set your mind to. Closing old doors so new ones may have space to open. There may be a persistent focus on cutting cords with past paradigms which may need multiple breaks before it's finally completed. It may feel like a social butterfly kind of month highlighting romance, friendships, and any partners. Enjoy the gatherings, events and parties you attend towards the end of the month. There may be some important connections you make while having fun.

Taurus - There may be a large creative, pleasure, and expansion push this month. It would be wise to utilize rationality when meeting with new people during this time so there aren’t any rose colored glasses experiences. A major time to embrace positive and habit-forming routines. There may be a focus on health, school, work and all jobs in between the eclipses. Big reflections on your identity will anchor in towards the end of the month. Who do you want to become? Are you in the process of becoming them? What do you hold close to your identity? In astrology whichever house the Sun sits in a natal/birth chart normally reflects how we present our identity to the world. Find where your Sun is and discover authentic parts of how you present yourself to the world.

Gemini - After the full moon this month will start with a spiritual undertone. Which starts to accelerate and expand throughout this time. When is the last time you’ve sat down to just express yourself creatively? This can be a truly therapeutic experience and can benefit overall wellness. This may be a good time to utilize this energy to merge with the physical realm to birth projects towards the end of the month.

Cancer - The start to this month may carry over some full moon romance energy. Sparking desires within to ignite new experiences or reignite current relationships. In between the eclipse there is a subtle energy encouraging you to nurture, and cultivate all creative expressive outlets. Whether its children or projects something will be in need of tending to as a new milestone is coming up.

Leo - This is a very busy month for you all around, with lots of buzzing fluttering energy flowing between the eclipse. It’s a networking kind of time with emphasis on excellent communication. It may be a time to practice merging intuition with communication. Knowing when to speak, connect, call or email will be extremely important for the timing of opportunities. A tad bit of juggling may happen but as long as a steady yet consistent mindset is in charge things will work out in your favor.

Virgo - After the exciting lunation you’ll enter this month with money on your mind. Whether its finances, expenditures, investments, new avenues of pay and overall value of things. It would be wise to let go when something is pulling away from you. Where there is a wall, there is a ladder. When a door closes, a window may even open. Stay sharp and alert during the elevating moments to notice the energetic cues of the universe. A friendly reminder that desperation does not look good on you. Embody your true worthiness so the correct opportunities come knocking that align with your current goals.

Libra - This may feel like a very retrospective time regarding yourself, self identity, image and what archetype or character you are. Do you find yourself stuck in a quantum loop of victim hood and fear frequencies always blaming the outside world for life’s struggles and past traumas. It would be a great time between the equinox and eclipse portals to reflect on the new character you want to become. The inner world will create, manifest, and attract all from the outside world. If you cultivate inner love and acceptance you’ll have experiences of it on the physical plane. Time to let go of all that’s holding the new version of you back with no excuses, just accountability leading the way.

Scorpio - The time between these two very impactful portals is very thin. The fall equinox and eclipse energy is full throttle. A major time for endings, the unseen realms, spiritual health and surrendering to truly letting go of the past. What is true forgiveness? Forgiveness is a divine quality nonetheless. There may be a time to end something that was culminating or a time to repair it. Since Spring, life may have been imploding, then burning, now we choose to walk away or rebuild within a new frequency. It takes more courage to rebuild than it does to end. Ending is safe. Rebuilding is not an easy, not popular, nor even an admirable task.

Sagittarius - A big reminder this month to remember you aren’t alone in this world. There are people who love, support and enjoy their connections with you. Hold onto them and nurture those relationships with love. Time to let go of past hate, resentment, and regret. It’s not sexy or hot to hold onto things that make you bitter or jaded. Time to glow the hel up (Celtic goddesses reference here). Put focus and intention towards your aspirations mid month to utilize these spiritually accelerating energies.

Capricorn - It is your time to shine during this extraordinary energetic portal hoping month. From the equinox to the eclipse. It will be a powerhouse career month which is a strong suit of yours. Your status and reputation may be on the line and even become impacted in a positive way. Only you can stand in your own way. This is the time to take the leap as you’ll feel the pull of this exciting pulse. There may be a slow down towards the end of the month to reflect and check in with your overall well being.

Aquarius - This may be a month of travel, higher educational experiences, philosophizing, outdoor adventures, and all things justice related. Whether it's joining that business online accelerator workshop, taking a weekend camping trip, or listening to podcasts on the different Eastern Religions. It may feel like a magnetic time for learning, seeking and curiosity. Follow it and keep your mind wide open. There is the possibility for huge growth and mental expansion. Yes, even visionaries like you would benefit from the occasional new lesson and fresh educational experiences. Ride this energy to the end of the month where you’ll be met with transformation tests and accelerating tasks.

Pisces - This has been and will be a time to transmute any and all deep pain that you may be carrying. Memories and emotions stuck within the body. Remember the ego hurts and gets hurt. Be aware of how you’ve been hurt and who you’ve hurt. It’s time to let the last four years go, and what a better time than between two powerful portals of transmutation. Sex and spiritual regeneration are major themes to reflect on this month. How to nurture and embrace your own sexuality. If you’re carrying any shame it’s time to set that down. Reignite your kundalini energy and get in touch with it again. If there are any unhealthy habits now is the time to take accountability and take real action. Your future self wants you to hold your present self accountable. Towards the end of the month focus on financial transactions may take the stage so be prepared for these exchanges accordingly. Whether it’s a large purchase, private contract, large payout, or investment - just double check everything is accounted for.

Written By Sapphire (Gigi) Ventura 2023

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