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True Healers Astrology: September 2023

Scroll down to find your sun sign + September 2023 Astrology!

The opening of the month will feel like floating down a gentle and peaceful river. That is if you allow yourself to enjoy life’s simple moments. A slow ease and semi soft shifting of energies. Our relationships, social contracts, soul contracts, money, finances, and aesthetic decisions may start to get easier to navigate. Embrace this fresh, semi slow frequency before things start to pick up again.

Once things pick up again it will be time to recalibrate all manifesting focus in order to flow in the desired direction. Clarity within these subjects will arise, creating inner encouragement on which way and how to take action accordingly. There will be an uplifting positive energy for contracts and all negotiation. An exciting amount of insight, inspiration and information will arise during the beginning of the month as details start to emerge.

After the path is clear and cleared, taking action, upbeat moods and confidence may anchor in. Around the new moon some backtracking, rethinking, and realization of needing a new plan may jump to the forefront. Listen to gut feelings and intuition during that time to catch those signals. It may be wise to utilize this.

Mid month there are a lot of things that will finally move forward towards your goals. Much more momentum to feel confident towards achieving all of life’s desires.

Speak things into existence before the end of the month. Verbal harmony, will be the key theme. During the full moon, it's time for letting go or ending a personal endeavor or personal independence. A major lunation to LET GO.

New Moon in Virgo

On Thursday September 14th at 9:40 PM (PST) there will be a new moon in the earthly sign of Virgo. This will be a very positive and uplifting lunation for starting fresh with attention to detail in a highly organized manner. Surrender to mental discipline and embrace this earthly recalibration. It would be a great time to work on scheduling, planning, schematics, and all the blueprints so the launch or action phase can run smoothly.

Full Moon in Aries

On Friday September 29th at 5:57 AM (PST) there will be a full moon in the fiery sign of Aries. This lunation can really aid us in taking any healthy risks, going after our desires with confidence and taking the necessary leap of faith. This may be an explosive time for forward momentum and an argumentative energy of clashing opinions. Try to find a balance of knowing when to listen versus when to speak. This energy may have a sensitive temperament which could lead to triggered reactions. It would be a beneficial time to reflect on your own reactive mechanisms that no longer serve your higher self.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries - During the new moon there is a charming, upbeat energy you may be able to tap into. Opening up an opportunity to feel more refined than usual. Invest some time on yourself while being mindful about overdoing it. It may be the time to schedule that appointment, apply for that job, or step out of your comfort zone. Towards the end of the month there may be a social buzz possibly igniting romance, friendship, or relations with partners. Enjoy this uplifting wave and embrace an easy going attitude.

Taurus - This may be a month of reflecting on romance, children and creative self-expression. Getting in touch with your authentic self and embracing it. Be mindful that too much bravado is a turn off, so allow the confidence to shine without needing to speak it. This mid month expansion will shine on the work environment, health, animal companions and personal habits. Time to reflect on which habits waste energy and which promote healthy wholeness?

Gemini - This is a harmonious time for creative self-expression, romance and children. A prime time to contemplate and reflect on the happiness versus stress these themes bring. How do you express yourself creatively? How do you describe romance? What does love mean or look like to you? Are you in touch with your inner child? It would be a fun month to nurture the childlike side or even revisit favorable memories to remind yourself of joyful times.

Cancer - After the first lunation this month there may be a big pull towards the home and family. Perhaps reminiscing on ancestors, our roots, and where we come from. Moments to focus on the house, living spaces and environment we spend most of our days in. How do we take care of them? What more could be done? Reflecting on family and what it means will be under the surface all month.

Leo - A sharp mental catalyst propels action around communication, transportation and siblings/relatives. Whether it’s a harmonious or challenging force, it will put these themes in the spotlight for the month for you to deeply reflect on. How could your communication be more effective and graceful? Be mindful of those who push your triggers purposely. Take physical space and speak verbal boundaries. It’s time to re-evaluate your window of tolerance around poisonous behavior.

Virgo - Happy Solar Return! This month highlights the Self. It's all about your vitality and what increases versus depletes it. Once those two lists are finished it’s time to let go of all that no longer serves your overall well being. Time to strive to be the best “YOU” that you know how to be. Towards the new moon there may be a shift in focus to values and money. Take the hint to hunker down on financial focus and lay out a much needed plan. From re-evaluating income, bills, expenses, overhead and investments. Take the end of the month to make some exciting goals while frugally celebrating yourself in simple ways.

Libra - The key theme this month is endings. Know when to let go. Faith can help transmute any frequencies of fear. Find within you that which is capable of mastering any situation that might come your way. After the new moon there will be a self revelation that may spark some deep insight to reflect on the authentic self. Get in touch with who you are and let go of who you're trying to be for everyone else.

Scorpio - September is a powerful month for Scorpios. It is a time of deep introspection and spiritual growth. Your intuition and psychic abilities will be heightened, allowing you to tap into your subconscious and uncover hidden truths. This is a great time to explore spiritual practices such as meditation, tarot or astrology to gain further insights into your life path. Pay attention to synchronicities and signs from the universe as they may hold important messages for you. Trust your instincts and embrace the transformative energy that September brings.

Sagittarius - The full moon carries in the themes of career, status, reputation, parents, and authorities. There may be some moments where people in power are listening close to your every word. Speak wisely and use the opportunity to shine and express your powerful ideas. Friendly reminder that a purposeful demeanor enhances your chances of gaining notoriety. Be aware of old triggers of arrogance and pride which would damage your reputation. Mid month movies towards focusing more on aspirations and friendships. There may be a sweet balance between personal goals and collective objectives. Teamwork is the major factor here.

Capricorn - While we transition slowly out of the full moon energy there is a much needed excavation towards the themes of sex, financial transactions, spiritual regeneration, the occult and mysterious. Moments of self-transformation may be possible but there must be an awareness of what needs to be let go of so this revelation can fully root. After the new moon themes of travel, higher education and philosophy will anchor in. It may feel like a fun time to adventure, explore and wander aimlessly. Instead, perhaps consciously move around with future goals in mind which might prove to lead you to the doors you're seeking and needing.

Aquarius - The start of the month puts some pressure on the aspect’s regaining sex, financial transactions, spiritual regeneration, and life’s mysterious moments. There may be some push back in these areas with much needed re-evaluation. By the time the new moon rolls around a shift in goals will highlight travel, higher education and philosophy. There may be an ease in energy during this time which will prove to aid in removing blockages in any of these areas.

Pisces - This month kicks off with reflection on all relationships. This is a social time possibly highlighting romance, friendship, or relations with partners. This is a friendly reminder to speak your truth and make sure you are heard loud and clear. Then after the mid month lunation an internal shift around sex, financial transactions, spiritual regeneration, and all the mysterious aspects of life. It’s time to reflect around your spiritual health, your sexual health, and all the unseen aspects of your life. Do these receive enough nurturing? Is there shame or an uncomfortable feeling around it? Utilize this re-evaluation to insert some healthy habits.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

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