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What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing, or reiki massage, is a loving healing energy that is channeled through a trained reiki practitioner to harmonize someone’s energetic field. It is a no-touch practice said to have originated in Japan and has been passed down from teachers who activate it in a new reiki healer through specific techniques. Reiki healers are now all over the world are offering this modality. The reiki practitioner will hold their hands close to the person receiving reiki if they are in person, or they can send it to them from a distance.

It can be hard to believe this invisible healing works UNTIL you experience it or offer it. Giving reiki creates a buzzing type of feeling in your hands. The reiki practitioner is not giving their own energy, they are allowing it to flow through them. The practitioner is taught to use certain symbols to help with issues that come up in our daily life. It is used to unblock energy in the body, remove heavy energy from the surrounding energetic field, and to add energy to the overall electromagnetic field.

What Is Reiki Used for?

Reiki is used by many to speed up the healing process and it can help relieve pain. In addition to physical healing, it can be used for removing brain fog and increase mental clarity. It is helpful for those who feel burned out, depressed, or have been through a very hard experience. It really can clear negative emotions you’ve been taking on from others, especially for those who are empathic. If you feel like you have just been down in the dumps or lethargic, this can help you as well. In a more spiritual sense, it can help you connect to your intuition and align with your soul purpose.

What are the Levels of Reiki Certiifcation?

There are three levels of reiki certification and then a teacher-level certification where you are able to train a new teacher. Each level offers more techniques and strengthens a practitioners energy. In a reiki session, you may feel some gentle muscle twitching, heat, or pressure where the practitioner is focussing. You may even experience a release of stored energy which can bring tears which is a positive release. Some people experience old memories pass through their mind as the healer moves stuck energy so it can be released.

What Can I Expect During a Reiki Session?

A reiki session continues to work after you leave the session. You should drink a lot of water as the emotional release continues to shift your energy and if you feel tired, allow yourself to rest. You may even experience strong emotions as they release which may not come from the present moment. Reiki is most effective when you do a series of sessions and the regular followups. You will leave a session feeling more light and clear. Some intuitive healers will also give you information that can help you shift patterns that have been causing negative energy in your life. They may also offer insights into how to protect and clear your energy field with crystals, breathwork, and incense.

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