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True Healers Astrology Forecast: September 2022

The past doesn’t define us, especially when we become empowered by its lessons. Sometimes we need to go back to where we started to get to where we are going. This might feel like a set back, but it can become an asset. Back to square one can emerge like failure sprinkled with defeat, but we are not the same as we once were. Our awareness, consciousness and perspective have altered. Shifting and changing as adaptability will be our allies this month. Oppositions, and stretching mental capabilities will become hurtles dressed as foes.

Beware of outside pressure, and catch self criticism early. A Lot of confrontational energy will hit in waves throughout this time. The pattern of movement is important, as it is fundamental to remember that footwork wins any fight. These energies will have us question if this truly feels equal? Does fairtrade resonate like a peaceful gong at the top of a mountain or broken porcelain bells shattering eardrums as we tumble down upon disproportionate relationships.

Can you express the truth or does it feel like authenticity will rock the snow towards an avalanche? Which boundaries will you need to make or break? Speak now and trust the process, as we’ll try our best to plan for it all, and in the end the cards will fall where they’re meant too. Unexpected rug pulls will continue to affect us on a singular and collective scale. It’s important to not attach to expectations or what we believe to be reality, as it is not in our control. It’s a time to let go of what no longer serves you, so you can live more authentically.

It’s a liberating time to be alive, if you can try to embrace the change and opportunities that come along with new journeys. It can be challenging to see the lessons in the suffering. Once we can sit with pain like an old friend, embracing this human experience for all that it is, the fear will dissolve, illuminating where truth has always stood.

Check out what Virgo Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - A dominant theme of your relationships and their health will shine this month. Overall health, wellness and physical debts will be highlighted as well. It would be a great time to get those check ups, start new healthy habits, and keep it up with your physical exercise routine. Mid month beware of deep emotions that may rise to the surface with the full moon. Towards the end of the month you may want to evaluate how you support your loved ones and how you are of service to them.

Taurus - Flooding energy of love, romance, children and creativity will crack open this month. There may feel like a weakness in their areas as well, especially domestic issues. These scenarios may feel draining moving into the full moon as it will highlight some confusing feelings around friendships. Are these relationships balanced? Or are you authenticity expressing yourself and feeling a reciprocal effort? The vibrations shift towards the tail end of the month onto your workplace, health, finances and bills. Is it time to change your spending habits or clear some debts? Use the new moon energy to balance your pocket book and bring in some self liberation.

Gemini - This will be a very energetically powerful month for you while it could become an emotional roller coaster. Take the beginning of the month to recharge and amp up for opportunities. A huge build up towards the full moon regarding your career and finances. There is an ambitious drive and combustion like fire energy. Beware as your ruling planet goes retrograde with doubting your choices, and becoming indecisive. This planetary shift may put your fire out and feel like an overwhelming emotional self sabotage. When this transition happens use mental health tools such as therapy, journaling, meditation and breathwork to process these feelings without making rash decisions from them.

Cancer - How is your heart as you enter this month? The communication surrounding your friendships and domestic activities will be high priority. A whole rethinking of how you exchange energy with your friends, family and co-workers will be key to support healthier connections. A large shift starts mid month on an acceleration on authentication verbalizing your truth. Towards the end of the month you’ll want to reflect on your home life, reappraisals, reexamining rental agreements or leases. Is your living space harmonious and healthy? If not it will be a prime to rethink how to shift so it can be.

Leo - How you earn your money and the efforts you put in will emerge to the surface regarding your career sector. It may feel that the energy and intention you put in may not be giving you the results you desire. It could be useful to harness the full moon energy mid month to reflect, find new tricks, research and uncover fresh ideas to harness income. Be aware of doubts seeping in and a negative mental state sweeping your psychological wellness. There may be a bleed over of your personal life into your business life. It’s very important to keep these two completely separate because when there is a connection they will both suffer.

Virgo - A focus on the health of a loved one or communication within your relationships in general will open this month by grabbing your attention. Debts and finances will become a thick layer this month. There is a strong spiritual theme within your intimate relationship(s) that comes in around the full moon and will purge energies. If you align your cards correctly there will be some karmic payback to you regarding investments. How can you improve your strategy regarding work, service and relate to your loved one? There is a major gear shift and you’ll need to ramp up for this new way of doing things.

Libra - Nostalgic feelings and memories will sprinkle into this month. It may be a time in your life that brings up the past which will spark a time for review. Around the full moon this will give you opportunities to revive your inticamy and your love life. The underlying themes will focus on your health and work load. Have old habits reemerged? If so it’s time to find the root cause of this trigger. Is there balance within your job or work life? It’s time to smooth that area out so your stress levels can come down and aid in your overall physical health.

Scorpio - Social networking rings in this month as there is a relaxed easy energy anchoring into networking opportunities effortlessly. Keep your scorpion wits about you when inviting new people into your life as it would be wise to take it slow to feel out true intentions. As we move into the full moon there will be a spiritual shift for you to rethink relationships that serve your higher good and to examine the balance within them. It’s time to do a reappraisal of your friendship’s. Near the end of the month the new moon will create an energy to reconsider what truly fulfills you and to nurture those revelations.

Sagittarius - Partnership’s, work, co-workers, and work metrics will be your key focus. A huge review of your domestic sphere and you’ll need to tend to the ‘feelings’ garden. Reconnecting emotionally to your mother figure, partners, and mentors. A nice spark for creative pursuits jolts into mid month but there may be some speed bumps. Keep that optimistic attitude through the hurdles and you’ll find yourself standing next to your achievements spoon enough.

Capricorn - This month will shine brightly on your communication; how you create spoken boundaries and strategize verbal workplace energy. As life has been draining you, take some time to recharge your batteries this month or you’ll find yourself run down. A perfect time to set up your career mode as there will be plenty of opportunities to showcase your talents. Relationships in general will be spotlighted towards the end of the month in a harmonious way.

Aquarius - The energy for this month will be washed over with psychological blocks, philosophical themes, higher learning, insight, researching, and family life. Last month you were focused on surviving the mental and emotional hurdles. Now it’s time to reflect on the aftermath. It would be a wise time to penny pinch, and reevaluate your spending in general. Towards the end of the month there will be an opportunity to open up to new ideas regarding your intimacy and personal relationships.

Pisces - There is an important highlight to this month looking back at your past and comparing it to your present. Whether it’s business partners, romantic relationships or any networks that you are deeply intertwined with. There may be obstacles and deep triggers surrounding relationships in general. This full moon is in your sign so as you’ll feel as though your wounds are wide open take the time to feel into it. Listen to your heart and accept your loved one’s for who they are. The end of the month will chime in as a reminder for you to practice your communication and embrace empathy when doing so.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2022

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