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True Healers Astrology: March 2023

We are preparing for spring. Slowly we dance, move and shift as the ice melts away. This is a time to ask ourselves, do our dreams align with our hearts? Are these dreams serving a purpose for making the world a more loving place? How thought out are these goals? How tangible are these dreams? Can you vision yourself accomplishing them?

From the structured planning and preparation of the earthy Capricorn season. To the innovative airy Aquarius peak of tinkering experiments. To the creatively sensitive watery Pisces season of crafting dream seedlings. Then we launch into the assertive initiative fiery Aries season.

The time to gather the fuel for stoking our fires of re-emergence. Foraging sticks, leaves, and debris from the aftermath. What will feed the focus as the cycles shift? What will ignite the intentions of rebirth? This is the moment the arrow hits the target from Sagittarius season, a point where the fire realm will burn back to the origin of source.

An incredibly powerful time of life for us to experience. It is a moment to take charge of the now, so the future of one’s dreams may be anchored into and achieved. Start with the dream of a life wanted, then nurture it with loving energy by giving it proper attention, so it shall materialize as a timeline to be lived on.

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Check out what Pisces Season has in store for your sun sign:

Aries - There is a light hearted inspirational energy which starts the month. A very blissful and harmonious time. There has been a lot of focus and intention on working diligently. Now it’s time to bask in the rewards and there may even be some luck to experience. This is not a time to hold back, remember to enjoy the benefits and fortunes awaiting. One key question to ask this month is does work affect health? It will be important to navigate the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional strains or stresses. Towards the end of the month family may be a big magnet for you. Whether it's spending quality time or addressing some issues.

Taurus - A deep feeling of desire, sexuality, social life, partnerships and children ripple at the start of the month. Whether you’re engaged in a relationship, or want to be in one, this is a time of deep reflection regarding this part of your life. It would be a good month for working with others, starting new projects and working in a group in general. Be mindful of having expectations for new friendships or of people’s overall behavior. It might be wise to not wear your heart on your sleeve this month to protect it.

Gemini - Learning to balance professional responsibilities and family or personal life this month. Responsibility will be a big theme this month. This word can sound so serious and not fun. It is an important aspect for a stable and functioning life. Don’t let it disempower how things operate. Allow it to encourage a step up so you may level up. There is a foreshadowing of financial successes on the horizon. It would be wise to pay down debts, and explore new sources of income. It’s time to work hard so you may play hard.

Cancer - There is a possibility of starting the month off with contracts, negotiations, higher learning and upping your skill set. Perhaps signing a new lease on a car or house? Maybe even a new job or career. This will give you a lot of fuel and energy throughout the month. Lots of movement for you. There is going to be a time where there will be two distinct paths you may have to decide on. Which way to go, which journey to embark on will echo mid month. Towards the end there will be a time where the energy of luck and abundance chimes in. Prepare and keep your listening ears open so you won’t miss these bountiful blessings.

Leo - There has been a focus on investing in other people and your outside world. A lot of this focus has been distracting you from matters of the heart. There have been some lessons throughout the years that will finally come to a full circle, and hopefully to a close this month. As things will shift and you will feel ready to finally move forward and upward. In order to do so you must let go, and cut off the necessary sandbags that are holding you down. Lots more travel, expansion and higher learning on the horizon.

Virgo - This will be a month to be mindful of reactions or things may become volatile. Words can become knives quickly so think before you speak. Communication will be key this month in all of your intimate relationships. It would be wise to check in with those that support and depend on you. Create a schedule and figure out what is needed from you ahead of time. Whether it’s business partners, lover, partner, or roommates. People that you interact with on a daily basis will be the theme, so take the time to evaluate how you show up for them. The month may end on enjoying the fruits of your labor, focusing on finances, shared resources and the ending of a project.

Libra -This is a month of love, and will feel so harmonious. A time to be creative, expressive, and joyous. Take a vacation, reset or nurture a self rejuvenation. Bubble baths, face masks, beach walks and lots of naps! It will be a time after the full moon to revive sexual desires, sensual self, and kundalini energies. Whether there is a need to explore one’s own body, connect with a new lover, or give life to a current relationship. This will be a point in the month where you will want to love and be loved. Venus does rule this sign so don’t hold back!

Scorpio - This full moon will shine a spotlight onto your dreams, ambitions, creativity, and life goals. This may reinvigorate the drive towards them. The way in which to express inner emotions will be important. Time to let the feelings rise and see the light in order to move closer to the next phase of life. Mid month will be a time to perfect skills, fine tune talents and expand your abilities. Near the new moon you’ll want to eat well, sleep well and focus on health. This will be key to sustaining the energy necessary to keep your mind focused on life’s objectives.

Sagittarius - There is an important transit around the full moon towards your career sector. There may be hidden opportunities in your work. Don’t miss out on them so be open and aware. Some other themes will arise with property, real estate, family affairs, investments and looking for serious meaning. What is the current comfortability? Are there uncomfortable people, things, jobs or places in your life? It will be a month to stop unhealthy habits. If a sprout wishes to grow, it must push out of the comfortable soil, to reach out into the uncomfortable world. Forgiveness is a super power. It is time to embrace it. Forgiving yourself, others, the world and everything you might be holding onto that is not love. Let go and free the soul.

Capricorn - There is a lot of emotional investment going into the expansion of the mind and intimate relationships this month. There will be time traveling, finding common interests and just growing even closer to the ones you love. There is a heavy level of energy, like a traffic jam within your mind. The career sector is lighting up this month with meetings, contacts, and full schedules. Towards the end of the month there is planning, new concepts and schemes regarding your home life. Is there a relocation happening? Maybe a new living situation anchoring in for the better. Some change is a foot, and it may be time to let things shake up. Things could get chaotic before they improve. Surrender to these tides as what's on the horizon will be worth the wait.

Aquarius - This full moon will dig deep inside of some of the pain you have not touched in a while. These past hurts, past experiences on many levels to finances, relationships and lessons surrounding trust. Who do you share money with? What do you invest in? The shared resources are important to evaluate. There is a disruptive element mid month dominating the way you think. Communications, negotiations and talking about how you feel. Have you connected to your shadow self? Reestablish emotional goals with life. It will be prudent to nurture some new insight towards self esteem and self confidence. Be gentle on the heart as healing is a journey we are all on.

Pisces - Happy Solar Return! Huge shifts this month regarding finances, income, money and streams of revenue. Such a fortunate energy chiming in during this full moon. This will highlight intimate relationships, collaborations, and partnerships in a harmonious way. There is a mid month transit that will switch from friendships/associations and start the journey of spiritual transformation. This will question ethics, beliefs, sexuality and all things in the non physical realms. Keep an open mind for an expedition of divine expansion while the new moon opens opportunities of exploration.

Written By Gigi Ventura ‘Priestess of Divine 2023

Want a full birth chart reading by one of our brilliant astrologists?

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